BA in Interior Design (Interior Architecture)

Units required for Major: 66-69
Minimum total units required for the BA: 120

Program Description

The Interior Architecture concentration provides students with the technical, creative, and critical thinking skills needed to enter the Interior Design profession. The breadth of courses in the concentration reflects the importance of both a liberal arts background and professional preparation in the design field. Courses encompass the study of design history and theory, aesthetics, graphics, lighting, space planning, computer-aided design, interior construction, and professional practice. The Interior Architecture curriculum provides comprehensive coverage in all the major areas of training, including concept development, design, communication, presentation, construction, and professional services. Many of the course assignments are based on actual design projects. Guest lecturers and professional panel critiques and discussions as well as building tours of outstanding projects are all important parts of the curriculum. Community service projects also help to maintain a strong connection to the community and profession.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of "C" is required in all upper division Interior Design courses.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Courses (24 Units)
ART 1AArt in the Western World: From Stone Age to End of Middle Ages3
or ART 1B Art in the Western World: From Renaissance to Baroque
or ART 1C Modern and Contemporary Art: Rococo to the Present
or PHOT 101 Photography, Inception to Mid-Century
or GPHD 20 History Of Graphic Design
GPHD 10Introduction to Digital Design3
GPHD 25Visual Basics3
INTD 15Introduction to Interior Design3
INTD 20Design3
INTD 25Design Fundamentals3
INTD 30Introduction to Computer Aided Design3
PHOT 11Digital Imaging3
Required Upper Division Courses (45 Units)
INTD 123Survey of Western Architecture and Interiors3
INTD 151Interior Design Graphics I3
INTD 153Interior Design Studio I3
INTD 155Professional Practice I3
INTD 161Interior Design Graphics II3
INTD 163Interior Design Studio II3
INTD 165Professional Practice II3
INTD 171Interior Design Graphics III3
INTD 173Interior Design Studio III3
INTD 175Professional Practice III3
INTD 181Interior Design Graphics IV3
INTD 183Interior Desgin Studio IV3
INTD 195Professional Practice IV-Internship3
Select two of the following:6
American Design
Principles of House Design
Total Units69