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This program is suspended for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Program Description

The program in Latin is designed for students of history, literature, philosophy, or religion who need to become familiar with Latin literature and Roman culture. Specifically, students of ancient or medieval history who need to use original source material, students of English or Romance languages who want to see the roots of their own language or area of specialization, or students of medieval philosophy and church history will need knowledge of Latin in order to pursue their studies.

Students who wish to continue the study of Latin in a graduate program should take a minor, which requires two upper division courses, and which provides a foundation for advanced studies at other universities or in graduate school.

Contact Information

Curtis Smith, Department Chair
Erika Mendoza, Administrative Support Coordinator
Mariposa Hall 2051
(916) 278-6333


Units required for the Minor: 12, with at least 6 being upper division. Courses must be approved by an advisor in Latin. Transfer students must complete at least one 3-unit upper division Latin course at Sacramento State.

LATN 1A.     Elementary Latin. 4 Units

Focuses on the development of the ability to read and write Latin. Included in the reading materials are short passages about Roman life. From these passages the student can gain insight into the elements of Roman culture and history which have affected modern civilization, patterns of human relationships, and important historical events.

LATN 1B.     Elementary Latin. 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): LATN 1A or equivalent; or instructor permission.

General Education Area / Graduation Requirement: Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

Continuation of LATN 1A, emphasis is on longer and more difficult reading selections. Roman cultural contributions to western civilization will be emphasized.

LATN 2.     Intermediate Latin. 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): LATN 1B or equivalent; or instructor permission.

General Education Area / Graduation Requirement: Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

Continuation of LATN 1 with emphasis on the development of active skills in reading and writing. Selections include passages from Roman history and Latin poetry. Meets the Foreign Language Graduation Proficiency Requirement.

LATN 120A.     Vergil. 3 Units

LATN 120B.     Cicero. 3 Units

LATN 120C.     Historical Lit In Latin. 3 Units

LATN 195.     Fieldwork -- Tutoring. 1 - 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Advanced level knowledge of Latin and instructor permission.

Tutoring of lower division students of Latin under supervision of instructor. Three hours tutoring per week for each unit. May be taken for credit more than once.

Credit/No Credit

LATN 199.     Special Problems. 1 - 3 Units

Individual projects or directed reading. Open only to students competent to carry on independent study.

Note: Admission requires approval of the instructor by whom the work is to be supervised.

Graded (CR/NC Available)