MSBA in Management Information Systems

Total units required for the MSBA: 33-39

Program Description

The Master of Science in Business Administration with an option in Management Information Systems (MSBA/MIS) program presents to its students a balanced blend of technical and managerial topics that develops and broadens their technical and intellectual skill sets as well as enhances their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. The curriculum of the MSBA/MIS has been designed to graduate students who can successfully function as information technology managers or professionals with the potential for executive positions. The program focuses on development students in four areas:

  • Technology Management: Our MSBA/MIS graduates will perform evaluation, adoption, and maintenance of information technology applications to meet short-term and long-term organizational goals.
  • Technical Knowledge and Skills: Our MSBA/MIS graduates will integrate information technology theories, conceptual models, techniques, and tools in different technical areas to meet existing and emerging task requirements in an adaptive and innovative manner.
  • Business Functional Analyses: Our MSBA/MIS graduates will perform research and analyses to identify business functional requirements, constraints, models, and processes as input to facilitate information technology application development.
  • Leadership Knowledge and Skills: Our MSBA/MIS graduates will possess leadership knowledge and skills to perform proactive planning for effective information technology utilization in changing environments.

Admission Requirements

Please Note: The Master of Science in Business Administration Management Information Systems is suspended and the CBA is not accepting applications at this time.

Admission Criteria for the MSBA/MIS Program:

  1. Index 1 of 1050 or Index 2 of 1100 (see description below);
  2. GMAT Total score of 500;
  3. GMAT Quantitative percentile of 30;
  4. GMAT Verbal percentile of 30; and
  5. 2.50 Overall Undergraduate GPA.

Index #1 - (GPA x 200) + GMAT total score. An index of 1050 is required using the overall undergraduate GPA.

Index #2 - (GPA x 200) + GMAT total score. An index of 1100 is required using the last 60 semester units (last 90 quarter units) undergraduate GPA.

Example: [3.0 GPA x 200] + 500 GMAT total score = 1100

Special Admission

Applicants not meeting all the admission criteria may be admitted to the program based on evidence of potential success in the program provided by the applicant. Such evidence may include but is not limited to: the applicant’s maturity, motivation, employment history, managerial potential, letters of recommendation, personal statement, community activities, and other accomplishments that support the applicant’s potential to successfully complete the program. An applicant so considered and recommended for admission may be approved by the Dean or Dean’s designee.

Application Procedures

All prospective graduate students must file all of the following documents by the application deadlines listed above with both the CBA Graduate Programs Office (Tahoe Hall 1035) and the Sacramento State Office of Graduate Studies (River Front Center 206) as noted below:

  1. To College of Business Administration Graduate Programs Office (CBA-GPO):
    • 1 set of official transcripts;
    • GMAT scores;  
    • Recommendation letters (two letters are strongly preferred); and
    • Resume.
  2. To Sacramento State Office of Graduate Studies:
    • Online CSU Graduate Application(;
    • 1 set of official transcripts; and
    • $55 Application Fee (You can pay this when you are filling out your online application).

Note: Applications are not considered complete and will not be reviewed unless GMAT scores and transcripts are included. To facilitate processing your application so that you receive an admission decision more quickly, you must submit official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities previously attended (other than courses taken at Sacramento State University). You should arrange to have those official transcripts sent at the same time you submit your application.

International Students

All materials, inclusive of TOEFL scores, must be turned into the International Admissions Office (Lassen Hall 2304). To ensure consideration, international students should submit their material, including GMAT and TOEFL test scores, to the International Admissions Office one month prior to the CBA Graduate Programs application filing deadline. For an application and details, international students should visit The International Admissions Office Web site at

Minimum Units and Grade Requirements for the Degree

Total units required for MSBA:  33-39 (excluding foundation courses)
Minimum Cumulative GPA:  3.0.  The minimum acceptable grade for any graduate business course is “C.” No more than two (2) courses with a grade of “C” will be counted for satisfaction of graduate program requirements.

Advancement to Candidacy

A student's program requirements are governed by the catalog in effect at the time one is accepted into and begins graduate school or by the catalog in effect at the time advancement to candidacy is approved.

Prior to enrolling in Culminating Requirements, a student must advance to candidacy. Initiation of advancement procedures is the responsibility of the student. The application to advance must be filed no later than the semester prior to enrollment in culminating experience requirement.

Eligibility to advance to candidacy requires satisfactory scholastic achievement, presentation of a plan of graduate study, and demonstration of writing proficiency. A classified graduate student in Business Administration may apply to the Graduate Business Advising Center (GBAC) for advancement to candidacy for the Master's degree after s/he has completed at least 12 units of the program requirements beyond the Foundation requirements. Students with a GPA deficiency or who have not fulfilled the Writing Placement for Graduate Students Requirement (WPG) cannot advance to candidacy.

Program Requirements

Program Prerequisites (6 Units)
MIS 210Information Systems I3
MIS 211Information Systems II3
Program Requirements (24 Units) 1
MIS 240Communications Technologies for Business3
MIS 250Data Management3
MIS 260Systems Design3
MIS 261Information Technology Integration for the Enterprise3
MIS 262Business Project Management3
MIS 270Information Technology Operations3
MIS 272Strategic Information Technology Planning3
MIS 279Information Technology Leadership3
Electives (9-15 Units)
Select three to five of the following:9 - 15
Advanced Object-Oriented Business Programming
Web Development for Business Applications
Information Systems Practicum
Management Science
Strategic Applications of Information Resources
Decision and Knowledge-Based Systems
Special Problems in Management Information Systems
Culminating Experience (Advancement to candidacy) (1-3 Units)
Select one of the following:1 - 3
Comprehensive Examination
Total Units34-42

 Based on work experience, another course may be substituted.