BS in Family and Consumer Sciences (Family Studies)

Units required for Major: 51

Program Description

The concentration prepares students for careers in various human service fields. The program emphasizes an understanding of human development, family communication, and diverse families. The program is approved by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) for academic programs in Family Life Education. (Also see certificate program in Family Life Education.)

Minimum Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of "C-" is required for all prerequisite courses within and outside the Department.

Note: Students should consult a Department advisor before choosing a concentration.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses (21 Units)
FACS 10Nutrition And Wellness 13
FACS 50The Family and Social Issues 3
FACS 100Research: Methods and Application in Family and Consumer Sciences3
FACS 140Family Resource Management3
FACS 141Family Finance3
FACS 168Senior Seminar3
SOC 8Sense and Nonsense in Social Issues and Research3
or STAT 1 Introduction to Statistics
Required Lower Division Courses (3 Units)
FACS 52The Child In The Family3
Required Upper Division Courses (27 Units)
FACS/COMS 108Family Communication3
FACS 150Family Stress and Coping: Multicultural Focus 3
FACS 152Adolescent Development3
FACS/CHDV 154Issues in Parenting3
FACS 155Family Life Education3
FACS 159Adulthood and Aging in Human Development3
FACS 162Family Support Services3
HLSC 134Understanding Human Sexuality3
or NURS 160 Human Sexuality
or PSYC 134 Psychology of Human Sexuality
Elective to be selected from a pre-approved list OR other elective with advisor approval3
Total Units51

Child, Family, and Society will be accepted as an alternative to comply with the CSU Lower Division Transfer Pattern.