BA in Government (International Relations)

Units required for Major: 42
Minimum required GPA: 2.0

Program Description

The Government major complements a student's liberal arts education with an emphasis on understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of government and politics. The Government major is structured to provide students with a background in the basic fields of political science, as well as to permit them a range of choice in completing the program. The Political Science Department offers several courses integral to interdisciplinary programs such as California Studies, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, and Women’s Studies.

The department emphasizes its expectation that students seek faculty advice when planning their program. Students may ask any faculty member's assistance initially. As specific interests are developed, students may wish to seek the advice of faculty sharing their interests.

Note: Although it is not a requirement of the major, the department strongly recommends that students take an introductory statistics course as part of their undergraduate work. A course in statistics may be used to satisfy the GE requirement in mathematics.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Courses (3 Units)
GOVT 1Essentials Of Government 13
Required Upper Division Courses (15 Units)
GOVT 100Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science3
GOVT 111Political Thought II3
or GOVT 112 Current Political Thought
GOVT 130International Politics3
GOVT 136International Political Economy3
GOVT 140Comparative Politics3
Electives (24 Units)
Select 24 units 224
Total Units42

GOVT 150 may be used in place of GOVT 1 to satisfy the requirement


21 of the 24 elective units must be upper division.

GOVT 35 may be taken to satisfy 3 elective units all others must be selected from Government courses numbered from 130 through 149. Students may also include GOVT 118GOVT 119AGOVT 127 and GOVT 162 as electives. Up to twelve (12) units of work in other disciplines that have an international relations/comparative politics content can be used to satisfy the requirements of the major, as long as approval by an International Relations advisor is obtained.

The Department strongly recommends that students select elective courses that include both thematic areas, such as globalization, internal organizations, and security studies, as well as regional concentrations such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle east.

If a student has not taken GOVT 1 or its equivalent, then GOVT 150 may count as the prerequisite for the major.

These courses must be selected in consultation with an advisor from the Government Department.