Administrative Officers

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Office of the President

President Robert S. Nelsen 278-7737
Chief of Staff Lisa Cardoza 278-7737
Chief Communication Officer Cely Smart 278-7737
University Counsel Jill Peterson 278-6940
Interim Executive Director of Diversity Robin Carter 278-7737
Executive Director for University Initiatives and Student Success James (Jim) Dragna 278-7737

Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ching-Hua Wang 278-6331
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Steve Perez 278-6331
Acting Dean for Undergraduate Studies Chevelle Newsome 278-5344
Assistant Vice President (Interim) for Academic Programs and Educational Effectiveness Donald S. Taylor 278-5933
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Lynn Tashiro 278-5945
Administrative Director, Community Engagement Center Dana Kivel 278-4610
Associate Vice President, Research Affairs David Earwicker 278-3668
Dean for Graduate Studies Chevelle Newsome 278-6470
Director of Graduate Studies & Special Assistant to the Dean Marya Endriga 278-6470
Director, Early Assessment Program, Center for College Readiness Joy Salvetti 278-3643
Co-Director, Accelerated College Entrance (ACE) Frank Lilly 278-4120
Co-Director, Accelerated College Entrance (ACE) Bruce Ostertag 278-5541
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Letters Sheree Meyer 278-6502
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters Christina Bellon 278-6502
Faculty Fellow, College of Arts and Letters John Williams 278-6052
Dean, College of Business Administration Pierre Balthazard 278-6578
Associate Dean, (Interim) for Faculty and Research Janet Hecsh 278-5577
Dean, College of Continuing Education Helen Wussow 278-4433
Dean, College of Education Alexander Sidorkin 278-6523
Interim Associate Dean, College of Education Ana Garcia-Nevarez 278-6523
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science Lorenzo M. Smith 278-6127
Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science Kevan Shafizadeh 278-6852
Dean, College of Health and Human Services Fred Baldini 278-7255
Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services Robin Carter 278-7255
Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Jill Trainer 278-4655
Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Jane Bruner 278-4655
Dean, College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies Orn Bodvarrson 278-6504
Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies Dianne Hyson 278-6504
Dean of the University Library Amy Kautzman 278-6230
Associate Dean of the University Library Nicole Lawson 278-5679

Administration and Business Affairs

Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer Dr. Ming-Tung "Mike" Lee 278-6312
Senior Associate Vice President/Budget Officer, Budget Planning & Administration Stacy Hayano 278-3909
Associate Vice President, Financial Services Gina Curry 278-7461
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management Dr. Justin Reginato 278-6181
Senior Director, Administrative Services Bena Arao 278-6178
Senior Director/Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Services Gary Rosenblum 278-5252
Chief of Police Mark Iwasa 278-7321
Director, Auditing Services Kaye Milburn 278-7439
Office of the Vice President for Administration/CFO Margaret Hwang 278-6312
Senior Director, University Transportation & Parking Services Tony Lucas 278-5241

Human Resources

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Vice President for Human Resources Christine D. Lovely 278-6078
Director of Equal Opportunity William Bishop 278-7469
Equal Opportunity Investigator Alison Morgan 278-2843
Associate Vice President for Human Resources: Employee Services Veronica Hodge 278-4488
Benefits Manager Scott Oleinik 278-6213
Interim Manager of Employment Services Celeste DeSouza 278-5613
Payroll Manager Darlene Edelman 278-5597
Associate Vice President for Human Resources: Academic Personnel and Employee/Labor Relations Jake Hurley 278-6169
Manager for Academic Personnel Jackie Kernen 278-7415
Employee Relations Manager Julie Thue 278-5579

Student Affairs

Vice President Ed Mills 278-6060
Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services Don Hunt 278-6060
Associate Vice President, Student Engagement & Success Beth Lesen 278-6060
Associate Vice President, Student Retention and Academic Success Marcellene Watson-Derbigny 278-6183
Executive Director, Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) Joy Stewart-James 278-6049
Executive Director, University Union & The WELL Leslie Davis 278-2242
Director, Student Conduct Matt O'Connor 278-6060
Director, Academic Advising (Interim) Jazzie Murphy 278-7636
Director, Career Center (Interim) Melissa Repa 278-6233
Director, Student Affairs Technology & Imaging Susana Valdez 278-7707
Director, Student-Athlete Resource Center Paul Edwards 278-7796
Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships Anita Kermes 278-6980
Executive Director, Housing and Residential Life Michael Speros 278-6655
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Success Initiatives Tina Jordan 278-6740
Director, Centers for Diversity & Inclusion (PRIDE, Multi-Cultural Center, and Women’s Resource Center)(Interim) Samuel Jones 278-6101
Director, Admissions & Outreach Jeff Weston 278-6733
University Registrar Dennis Geyer 278-3625
Director, Student Organizations & Leadership Tom Carroll 278-6595
Director, Testing Center Judy Dean 278-6296
Director, Veterans Success Center Austin Sihoe 278-2197
Director, University Union Bill Olmsted 278-6745
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics Bill Macriss 278-6348
Directors, Services to Students with Disabilities Judy Dean and Melissa Repa 278-6955
Director, Parents & Families Program Haley Myers 278-4353
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program Viridiana Diaz 278-7241
Coordinator, Faculty Student Mentor Program Vacant 278-7305
Director, The WELL Kate Smith 278-2241

University Advancement

Vice President, University Advancement Vince A. Sales 278-7043
Associate Vice President, University Development Tracy Latino Newman 278-2835
Associate Vice President, Advancement Communications & Stewardship Lori Bachand 278-2142
Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations/Annual Giving/Alumni Relations Jennifer Barber 278-3634

University Auxiliary Organizations

Executive Director, Associated Students, Inc. Pat Worley 278-6784
Executive Director, University Enterprises, Inc. James Reinhart 278-7001
President and General Manager, Capital Public Radio Rick Eytcheson 278-8901
Executive Officer, The University Foundation at Sacramento State Vince A. Sales 278-7043
Executive Director, University Union Leslie Davis 278-6744