Military Studies

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College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Description

The Military Studies Minor is an appropriate and timely course of study for any student interested in defense policy, the military's role in society, and military history. The successful completion of the minor will provide additional recognition for students wishing to understand these important subjects.

The Military Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor of 21 units which provides a broad range perspective on a vital contemporary issue. The program focuses on the nature of human conflict, conflict resolution, international power relations, historical battles and campaigns, the military in domestic society, and myriad sub-topics. It enhances student exposure to, and understanding of, relevant military subjects. The Military Studies Minor is compatible with, and complements, several majors, i.e., Economics, Geography, Government, and History.

Contact Information

Edward L. Lascher, Jr., Interim Dean
Amador Hall 255
(916) 278-6504


Total units required for Minor: 21

HIST 124AWarfare: Alexander to Napoleon3
HIST 124BEuropean Warfare from the French Revolution to the Present3
Select one from the following historical background courses:3
National Security Affairs
World War I: Causes, Conduct, Consequences
World War II: Causes, Conduct, Consequences
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1840-1890
History of US Foreign Relations
The United States in Vietnam, 1940-1975
Select one from the following military-political affairs courses:3
Leadership and Management II
International Politics
International Organization
American Defense and National Security
American Foreign Policy
Intelligence and Espionage
Select one from the following regional context courses:3
Preparation for Active Duty
Development Economics
United States and Canada
Geography Of Africa
Geography Of Europe
Government and Politics in Europe
Latin American Government and Politics
Governments and Politics in the Middle East
Asian Societies
Middle Eastern Societies and Culture
Conflict, Oil and Development in the Middle East
Select one from the following conflict resolution courses:3
Leadership and Management I
Anthropology of War
Conflict Resolution Through Communication
International Environmental Problems
War, Peace and the Mass Media
Select from additional courses listed in the historical background, military-political affairs, and regional contexts groups3
Total Units21