Greek (GREK)

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GREK 1A.     Elementary Ancient Greek. 4 Units

GREK 1B.     Elementary Ancient Greek. 4 Units

GREK 6A.     Elementary Modern Greek. 4 Units

Designed to prepare students to read, speak, and understand Modern Greek. Focuses on the study of grammar and vocabulary, as well as the reading of adapted passages. Classroom time will be spent on drills and on elementary dialogues among the students and between the students and the instructor. These drills simulate everyday life situations. No previous exposure to the language is required.

GREK 6B.     Elementary Modern Greek. 4 Units

Prerequisite(s): GREK 6A.

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

A continuation of GREK 6A, emphasizing the further development of skills in reading, speaking, and understanding Modern Greek. Reading selections from newspapers and other contemporary sources. Further classroom dialogues among students and between students and the teacher.

GREK 199.     Special Problems in Greek. 1 - 3 Units

Individual projects or directed readings.

Note: Open only to students who appear competent to carry on independent study; admission requires the approval of the instructor by whom the work is to be supervised.

Credit/No Credit