International Business (IBUS)

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IBUS 190.     International Business. 3 Units

Analyzes international business: foreign markets; export-import trade; licensing agreements; foreign exchange problems; role of the multinational firm; intergovernmental trade agreements; balance of payments; decision making in foreign environments.

IBUS 195.     Internship in International Business. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Minimum Sacramento State GPA of 2.5.

Supervised work experience in business, governmental or service agencies for the purpose of increasing student understanding of the nature and scope of their operations. Supervision is provided by the faculty and the cooperating agencies.

Note: Open to upper division students, subject to permission of the Management Area. Open to declared business administration majors only. Petitions can be obtained from the Student Affairs Office, Tahoe 2065.

Credit/No Credit

IBUS 199.     Special Problems in International Business. 1 - 3 Units

Individual projects or directed reading for students qualified to carry on independent work.

Note: Admission requires approval of the instructor and the Associate Dean. Petitions can be obtained from the Undergraduate Business Center, Tahoe 1030.

Credit/No Credit