Certificate in Ethnic Studies

Units required for Certificate: 12

Program Description

The certificate in Ethnic Studies is designed to give students theoretical, foundational, historical, and pedagogical knowledge to effectively teach Ethnic Studies. Moreover, the certificate program will provide students with an understanding of the research that supports the effectiveness of an Ethnic Studies class and will focus on several groups (African-Americans; Asian-Americans, Chicano/s; Native Americans) that have historically underachieved in US schools.

Admission Requirements

In order to earn a Certificate in Ethnic Studies, a student must be admitted into the MA in Multicultural Education program.

Students will be allowed to obtain the certificate without completing the MA program.

Students will not be required to apply for the certificate if they only intend to receive a Master of Art's degree.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (12 Units)
EDBM 228The Academic and Social Value of Ethnic Studies3
EDTE 227Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction, K-123
ETHN 203Contemporary Ethnic Studies Issues3
ETHN 204Foundations & Theories3
Total Units12