Minor in Health Science

Units required for the Minor: 18, all of which must be Health Science courses. 

Program Description

Students can expect to be involved, both in class and field experiences, in areas that deal with significant issues within the specific concentration, such as health care costs, consumer health issues, alcohol and other drugs, human sexuality, unintentional injury causes and prevention, and other personal, occupational, and community health and safety issues as well as management, business and administration skills in the health care administration option.

Note: The Health Science Minor and Occupational Health and Safety minor will be suspended due to the impaction of the Health Science Program that begins Fall 2012. The suspension of the Health Science Minor and Occupational Health and Safety Minor will begin Fall 2012 and conclude Spring 2014.

Minimum Grade Requirement

All Health Science courses must be completed with a "C" grade or better.

Program Requirements

The 18 units selected require approval by a Health Science faculty advisor.