Single Subject Matter Program (Family and Consumer Sciences Education)

Units required for Subject Matter Program: 50
Total units required for BS: 120

Program Description

The Subject Matter Program leads to a BS in Family and Consumer Sciences and meets the subject matter content requirement for a teaching credential.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of "C-" for all courses is required for admission into the teacher preparation program. Teaching credential candidates must also complete the Professional Education Program to qualify for a teaching credential. Consult the FACS Department credential advisor and the College of Education Student Service Center for further information regarding requirements.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses (22 Units)
FACS 50The Family and Social Issues 13
FASH 30Fashion and Human Environment 13
NUFD 10Nutrition And Wellness 13
SOC 8Sense and Nonsense in Social Issues and Research 13
or STAT 1 Introduction to Statistics
FACS 100Research: Methods and Application in Family and Consumer Sciences3
FACS 140Family Resource Management3
FACS 168Senior Seminar3
FACS 195AField Study: Selected Areas in Family and Consumer Sciences1
Required Lower Division Courses (15 Units)
INTD 15Introduction to Interior Design 13
FACS 52The Child In The Family 13
or CHDV 30 Human Development
or CHDV 35 Child and Adolescent Development
FASH 32Fundamentals of Apparel Production3
NUFD 9Food Safety and Sanitation3
NUFD 11Principles of Food Preparation3
Required Upper Division Courses (13 Units)
FACS 141Family Finance3
FACS/CHDV 154Issues in Parenting3
or FACS 155 Family Life Education
FASH 130History Of Fashion3
or FASH 137 Clothing, Society, and Culture
NUFD 110Food Production and Sustainability4
Total Units50

General Education Requirements1

Area A: Basic Subjects (6-9 Units)
A1 - Oral Communication3
A2 - Written Communication3
A3 - Critical Thinking 2,30 - 3
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (10-13 Units)
B1 - Physical Science3
B2 - Life Forms3
B3 - Lab (Note: Lab experience to be taken with one of the following: B1, B2 or B5)1
B4 - Math Concepts 30 - 3
B5 - Additional Course (Any B to reach 12 units) - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area C: Arts and Humanities (9 Units)
C1 - Arts 20
C2 - Humanities3
C1/C2 - Area C Course3
C1/C2 - Area C Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area D: The Individual and Society (6 Units)
Area D Course3
Area D Course 20
Area D Course 20
Area D Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area E: Understanding Personal Development
Area E Course 20
Total Units31-37

Graduation Requirements1

Graduation Requirements (required by CSU) (9 Units)
American Institutions: U.S. History3
American Institutions: U.S. Constitution & CA Government3
Writing Intensive (WI)3
Graduation Requirements (required by Sacramento State) (9 Units)
English Composition II3
Race and Ethnicity in American Society (RE) 20
Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement 36