Minor in Women's Studies

Units required for the Minor: 21

Program Description

The field of Women’s Studies is dedicated to studying women’s lives and facilitating political activism and community participation. What makes Women’s Studies such a dynamic field is the conviction that theoretical knowledge is best illuminated when connected to political projects and personal experiences.

Our Women’s Studies curriculum is multi-disciplinary and focuses on women, gender, and sexuality in relation to other social and economic forces such as racism, ethnocentrism, capitalism, and militarism. Students have opportunities to examine women’s diverse experiences--locally, nationally, and globally--within feminist and social justice frameworks.

The Minor in Women's Studies emphasizes the position and achievement of women in various fields of study.

All courses taken must be upper division.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (9 Units)
WOMS 110Introduction to the Women's Movement in Contemporary Society3
WOMS 115Introduction to Women's Studies3
WOMS 180Seminar in Feminist Theory3
Electives (12 Units) 1
Select at least one course from each of the following categories:12
Identities and Intersectionality
Women Cross-Culturally
Sex Role Stereotyping in American Education
La Mujer Chicana
Native American Women
Black Women In America
Special Topics in Human Resource Management
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Psychology of Women
Mother Woman Person
Gender, Race, and Class
Women Of Color
Gender and Politics
Fieldwork in Women's Studies
Special Problems
The Humanities
Twentieth Century Fiction by Women
British Women Novelists
American Women Writers
History of Women in Western Civilization, Prehistory-Middle Ages
History of Women in Western Civilization, Renaissance-Present
History of American Women
Women in Film and American Culture
Women in the Mass Media
Philosophy and Feminism
Women and Theatre: Staging Diversity
Feminism and the Spirit
Women In Art
Society, Politics and Social Movements
Women and the Criminal Justice System
Women And Education
Sociology of Gender
Crimes Without Victims
Violence Against Women
Gender and Politics
Introduction to Queer and Trans Studies
Economic Globalization and Transnational Feminism
Women and the Economy
Women Of The Middle East
Women and Work
Women's Global Issues
Total Units21