Minor in Art Studio

Units required for Minor: 21

Program Description

The Department of Art at Sacramento State introduces students to the expressive world of the visual arts. A wide variety of approaches based on both Western and Non-Western cultures are integrated into courses that are oriented toward creativity, imagination, and critical thinking. Students are able to explore art through courses in art education, art history, ceramics, metalsmithing/jewelry, new media art, painting, print making, and interdisciplinary sculpture.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A grade of "C" or better is required for all courses applied to the Minor in Art Studio.

Program Requirements

Select two of the following:6
Art in the Western World: From Stone Age to End of Middle Ages
Art in the Western World: From Renaissance to Baroque
Traditional Asian Art
Modern and Contemporary Asian Art
Native American Art
Introduction to Art and Visual Culture
Select one of the following:3
Beginning Drawing
Beginning Painting
Beginning Watercolor
Basic Printmaking: Etching
Basic Printmaking: Relief
Basic Printmaking: Silkscreen
Beginning Electronic Art
Select one of the following:3
Beginning Ceramics
Beginning Hand-Built Ceramics
Form, Space Vision
Beginning Jewelry
Beginning Metalsmithing
Clay Sculpture
Beginning Sculpture
Select nine units of upper division courses in studio art 19
Total Units21

Must be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.