Journalism (JOUR)

How to Read Course Descriptions

JOUR 20.     Style For Media Writers. 1 Unit

Intensive review of grammar, word use, spelling, and principles of clear, concise writing.

Credit/No Credit

JOUR 30.     News Writing. 3 Units

Corequisite(s): JOUR 20.

Fundamentals of news gathering and news writing. Emphasis on language and style used in feature and news stories.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC-OS) recommended.

JOUR 50.     Mass Media and Critical Thinking. 3 Units

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Critical Thinking (A3)

Introduction to reasoning skills useful to the journalism major and general education student alike in interpreting and judging information, entertainment and advertising in the mass media. Emphasis on how to assess the quality of news as information, and on how to think critically about the effects of mass-produced culture.

JOUR 55.     Media Communication and Society. 3 Units

Introduction to the basic concepts of mass communication, including the effects, uses, and functions associated with the goods and services of mass media. Examination of the ways mass media combine with other institutions to affect the organization, design, and comprehension of communication messages, as well as political thought, cultural beliefs, and economic behavior.

Cross Listed: COMS 55; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 100.     Principles of Journalism. 3 Units

Theory and development of American journalism, with an emphasis on ethical and socially responsible practice.

JOUR 120.     History Of The Media. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): COMS 55/JOUR 55 or equivalent; may be taken concurrently with prerequisite.

Examination of development of major media of mass communication in the U.S. and how the economics, content, regulation and audience use of the media have been affected by the way the media have evolved. Current issues and trends are discussed, as well as possible future development.

Cross Listed: COMS 120; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 123.     Writing For Public Information. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): GWAR certification before Fall 2009; or WPJ score of 80+; or 3-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W; or 4-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W + co-enrollment in ENGL 109X; or WPJ score 70/71 + co-enrollment in ENGL 109X

Organization and operation of communication media; practice in publicity and public relations techniques. Emphasis on clear writing and correct public relations formats such as releases, PSAs, articles, and speeches.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC-OS) recommended. Cross Listed: COMS 123; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 125A.     Writing for Broadcasting: Copywriting. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1A or equivalent.

General broadcast, radio, cable, and video writing course which emphasizes aural style and writing requirements for various genres. Topics include commercial writing, corporate/instructional scriptwriting, interview scripting, and broadcast news writing.

JOUR 125B.     Broadcast News: Theory and Practice. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 125A.

Introduction to the theory and practice of contemporary broadcast news with emphasis on identifying, reporting, writing and delivering broadcast news. Explores the ethical considerations of broadcast journalism and the application and effects of law and regulation.

JOUR 128.     News Editing. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 20, JOUR 30.

Instruction and practice in editing, headline writing, caption writing, and design for print and online publications.

JOUR 130A.     News Reporting I. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 20, JOUR 30.

Corequisite(s): JOUR 130B.

Instruction and practice in journalistic research, interviewing, and reporting skills.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC-OS) recommended.

JOUR 130B.     News Reporting II. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 20, JOUR 30.

Corequisite(s): JOUR 130A.

Practice in covering a news beat, writing news and feature stories on a weekly basis. Instruction includes reporting on local government.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC OS) recommended.

JOUR 131.     Column and Review Writing. 3 Units

Offers advanced journalism and broadcast students the opportunity to expansion of reporting skills beyond the traditional summary and interview style of reporting, to in-depth research into issues and controversies of the times in order to write interpretative, critical and analytical articles. Students will analyze issues, situations, events and behaviors and predict future trends. Styles or writing will focus on writing with opinion, including editorials, columns, reviews and analyses.

JOUR 132.     Magazine Writing. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 30, and GWAR certification before Fall 09, WPJ score of 70+, or at least a C- in ENGL 109 M/W.

Writing and submitting feature articles to magazines as well as analysis of markets for freelance work. In addition to improving writing skills, students prepare and submit professional quality manuscripts for publication.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC-OS) recommended.

JOUR 134.     War, Peace and the Mass Media. 3 Units

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: GE AREA D

Concerned with the relationship of mass media to war and the possibilities for peace, with emphasis on recent concepts of political communication.

Cross Listed: GOVT 134; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 135.     Public Affairs Reporting. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 130A, JOUR 130B; GWAR certification before Fall 09; or WPJ score of 80+; or 3-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W; or 4-unit placement in ENGL 109M/W and co-enrollment in ENGL 109X; or WPJ score 70/71 and co-enrollment in ENGL 109X.

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: Writing Intensive Graduation Requirement (WI)

Preparation and practice for covering California public issues, with a focus on state government.

Note: Computer familiarity (MAC OS) recommended.

JOUR 153.     Mass Media Law and Regulation. 3 Units

Examines the laws and regulations that govern print, broadcast, and the electronic mass media in the U.S. The process by which laws and regulations are enacted and interpreted are discussed as well as legal and regulatory issues concerned with the content, control, political role and responsibilities of media practitioners, regulators, Congress and the public.

Cross Listed: COMS 153; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 158.     Public Relations Planning and Management. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): COMS 118 and JOUR 123 or COMS 123 with grade of "C-" or better.

Application of theoretical concepts to the solution of problems for pre-selected non-profit and campus clients by forming small group PR agencies; completing needs assessments; profiling target and secondary audiences; developing and implementing a strategic public relations plan; producing targeted messages for media kits and other uses; developing and evaluating formative and summative evaluation plans; and making formal in-class presentations to peers, clients and invited PR professionals. Students will also learn how to negotiate contracts, maintain client relations, track work on projects and develop timelines and budgets.

Cross Listed: COMS 158; only one may be counted for credit.

JOUR 172.     Women in the Mass Media. 3 Units

General Education Area/Graduation Requirement: GE AREA D

Exploration of women's role in mass media, with particular emphasis on advertising and news reporting, and development of alternative methods and perspectives; a study of women's professional involvement in newspaper/magazine journalism and radio/television broadcasting; student participation in media project, i.e., production, research, community contact.

JOUR 175.     Minorities, Social Change and the Press. 3 Units

Examination of the relationship between Africans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans and the mass media. Focuses on issues involving this interaction and its effect on ethnic minority groups, their portrayal in the mass media, and the varying perceptions of a culturally pluralistic and racially diverse society. Provides a critical analysis and discussion of the role played by mass media in racial, gender and cultural change in the U.S. over the past 150 years.

JOUR 193.     The Business of News. 3 Units

Examination of issues related to the contemporary delivery of journalism, including exploration of various business models for dissemination online, in print, and by broadcast.

Note: Instructor approval required

JOUR 194.     Journalism Related Work Experience. 3 - 6 Units

Supervised employment in a company or agency working on journalism-related assignments, arranged through the Department of Communication Studies and the Cooperative Education Program office. Requires preparation of application packet, completion of a 6 month full-time or part-time work assignment, and a written report.

Note: Open only to upper division or graduate students with appropriate course preparation. Units MAY NOT be used to meet the Journalism major or minor. Consent of Communication Studies Department advisor required. No more than 12 units will count toward the degree.

Credit/No Credit

JOUR 195.     Internship In Journalism. 1 - 6 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 130A, JOUR 130B and minimum 2.3 overall GPA.

Directed work experience through the internship program with public agencies or with journalistic publications, organizations or agencies. Supervision is provided by both the instructional staff and the cooperating agency.

Note: Student must make arrangements with the internship coordinator upon admittance to the course. Limited to Journalism majors and minors and Government-Journalism majors. No more than six units of JOUR 195 may be counted toward the Journalism major.

Credit/No Credit

JOUR 196.     Experimental Offerings in Journalism. 3 Units

One time and new classes in journalism will be scheduled as needed. 2.0 - 3.0 units

JOUR 197A.     Journalism Laboratory. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 30.

Working as a staff member of the State Hornet Newspaper as a writer, photographer, graphic designer or advertising salesperson.

Note: Journalism majors are required to take either JOUR 197A, JOUR 197B, or JOUR 195.

JOUR 197B.     Journalism Laboratory. 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): JOUR 30 and instructor permission.

Working as an editor or manager of the State Hornet. Responsibilities may include copy editing, layout and design and/or staff management.

Note: Journalism majors are required to take either JOUR 197A, JOUR 197B or JOUR 195.

JOUR 199.     Special Problems. 1 - 3 Units

Prerequisite(s): Instructor permission.

Individual projects or directed reading open to students who wish to attempt independent work. Faculty approval required.

Note: Journalism majors or minors may submit no more than 6 units of JOUR 199 and JOUR 299 toward their degrees.

Credit/No Credit

JOUR 299.     Special Problems. 1 - 3 Units

Individual projects or directed reading. Open only to students who are competent to carry on individual work.

Note: Departmental petition required. Journalism majors or minors may submit no more than 6 units of JOUR 199 and 299 toward their degrees.

Credit/No Credit