BA in Physics

Units required for Major: 65-67

Program Description

The BA degree is recommended for students who are interested in teaching Physics in high school or who want a liberal arts education with an emphasis in Physics. Physics majors are encouraged to take additional mathematics and to develop skills in the use of computers.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Courses (37 Units)
CHEM 1AGeneral Chemistry I5
CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry II5
MATH 30Calculus I4
MATH 31Calculus II4
MATH 32Calculus III4
MATH 45Differential Equations for Science and Engineering3
PHYS 11AGeneral Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS 11BGeneral Physics: Heat, Light, Sound, Modern Physics4
PHYS 11CGeneral Physics: Electricity and Magnetism4
Required Upper Division Courses (20-22 Units)
PHYS 105Mathematical Methods in Physics3 - 4
or MATH 105A Advanced Mathematics for Science and Engineering I
PHYS 106Introduction to Modern Physics3
PHYS 110Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 115Electronics and Instrumentation3 - 4
or PHYS 145 Optics
PHYS 124Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics3
PHYS 135Electricity And Magnetism3
PHYS 175Advanced Physics Laboratory2
Elective Upper Division Requirements (8 Units)
Select 8 units of Physics electives in consultation with a Physics advisor 18
Physics Colloquium Attendance
Fulfill a minimum attendance requirement 2
Total Units65-67

See list below for a list of Department approved electives.


Majors must fulfill a minimum attendance requirement at Department Colloquia. Students should consult with their advisor (and/or Department Chair) during their mandatory advising appointments to find out the number of colloquia that are required to satisfy this requirement.

Elective List 

PHYS 115Electronics and Instrumentation 34
PHYS 116Advanced Electronics and Instrumentation3
PHYS 130Acoustics3
PHYS 136Electrodynamics of Waves, Radiation,and Materials3
PHYS 145Optics 33
PHYS 150Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS 151Advanced Modern Physics3
PHYS 156Classical and Statistical Mechanics3
PHYS 162Scientific Computing: Basic Methods3
PHYS 163Scientific Computing: Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization3
PHYS 195Teaching Internship1 - 2
PHYS 196 Series
PHYS 197Laboratory Teaching Assistant1 - 2
PHYS 199Special Problems1 - 3
ASTR 150Dark Matter and Dark Energy3
MATH 105BAdvanced Mathematics for Science and Engineering II4

If not used to satisfy other requirement of the degree (Example: PHYS 115 or PHYS 145 are required for the Bachelor of Science. If both are taken, one will count as an elective).