BA in Social Science

Units required for Major: 60
Units required for Subject Matter Program: 69

Program Description

The Social Science major is offered by the departments of Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Government, History, and Sociology. It serves both as a major for the Bachelor of Arts degree and to provide subject matter preparation for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science.

Minimum Grade Requirement

Minimum grade of "C-" is required in all courses completed toward the Social Science major and pre-credential requirements.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements (45 Units)
ECON 1AIntroduction to Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 1BIntroduction to Microeconomic Analysis3
ECON 113Economic History of the United States3
GEOG 100Themes In World Geography3
GEOG 121United States and Canada3
GOVT 1Essentials Of Government3
or GOVT 150 American Governments
GOVT 35World Politics3
GOVT 180California State and Local Government3
HIST 17AUnited States History, 1607-1877 3
HIST 17BUnited States History, 1877-Present 3
HIST 50World Civilizations, Beginnings-16003
HIST 51World Civilizations, 1600-Present3
HIST 100Introduction to Historical Skills3
HIST 133Twentieth-Century World History3
HIST 183BCalifornia History, 1860-19703
Additional Pre-Credential Requirements (9 Units) 1
EDUC 170Bilingual Education: Introduction to Educating English Learners3
SSCI 193Integrating History and Social Science3
Select one of the following (ethical perspective):3
HRS 140
Ethics and Personal Values
Ethics and Social Issues
Electives (15 Units)
Select one of the following (National Perspective, History):3
Colonial America
The Age of the American Revolution
Young Republic, 1790-1840
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1840-1890
20th Century United States, 1890-1940
20th Century United States, 1941-Present
The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage
History of International Relations in the 20th Century
History of US Foreign Relations
The United States in Vietnam, 1940-1975
Social History of the United States
The City in US History
History of American Women
Images Of America
The History of the Civil Rights Movement: From Reconstruction to Deconstruction, 1865-Present
The African-American Experience, 1603-Present
Mexican-American History
Select one of the following (National Perspective, other Social Sciences):3
Cultural Diversity
Indians of North America
Economics of Education
Economics of Racism
Women and the Economy
Economics at the Movies
Ethnic America
La Raza Studies
Native American Experience
Pan African Studies
Current Political Thought
The American Presidency
The Legislative Process
Politics of the Underrepresented
Ethnic and Race Relations
Social Inequalities
Sociology of Popular Culture
Select one of the following (World Perspectives, History):3
History of Modern Greece
Mediterranean Europe: From the Renaissance to the European Union
Europe, 1815-1914
World War I: Causes, Conduct, Consequences
World War II: Causes, Conduct, Consequences
Europe Since 1945
History of Women in Western Civilization, Renaissance-Present
Modern Germany, 1806-Present
British History, 1714-Present
Twentieth Century Russia
The Fall Of Communism
History Of Mexico To 1910
Revolutionary and Modern Mexico
Colonial Latin America
Modern and Contemporary Latin America
History of Africa Since 1800
History of Women in Africa
The Modern Middle East
Modern Japan, 1800-present
China, 1600 to Present
Select one of the following (World Perspectives, other Social Sciences):3
The Nature of Culture
Archaeology of Mexico
Culture and Society in Mexico
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Cultures of South Asia
European Economic History
International Trade
International Finance
Development Economics
Geography Of Africa
Geography Of Europe
Population Geography
International Politics
Government and Politics in Africa
European Politics
Latin American Government and Politics
Governments and Politics in the Middle East
Asian Societies
Middle Eastern Societies and Culture
Sociology of Globalization
Select one of the following (State Perspective):3
Indians of California
The California Economy
The Asian American Experience
Chicano/Mexican-American Experience
California Indian History
Chicano Community
Total Units69

In addition to the core curriculum for the major, the courses listed are required for students completing the Subject Matter Program in Social Science as preparation for a Single Subject Teaching Credential.