BA in French

Units required for Major: 36
Minimum total units required for BA: 120

Program Description

The French program is a cultural resource to Sacramento State and the Sacramento community in general; it represents the French language, literature, and civilization of Europe and North America as well as other areas of the world where French is the common language.

The French program helps prepare its majors and minors for careers not only in teaching but in many other fields as well, such as business, journalism, and government service. To that end it offers courses that enable students to grow intellectually and to live and work successfully in areas where the French language is spoken.

The program reaches out to both the local and international communities. Students have the opportunity to study abroad as well as to tutor and teach in local schools. The French faculty pride themselves on being accessible to students and taking a keen interest in the students' individual achievements.

The Bachelor of Arts in French offers an exploration of the vast contribution that French language and culture have made to the world. The program gives courses in literature, culture, and language (there are also courses in translating and interpreting).

Note: A GPA of 2.75 is required in courses applied to the major.

Additional Information

  • Credit by Exam: A maximum of 16 units in foreign language studies may be challenged, only 12 of which may be in French.
  • Junior Year in France: Student planning to apply for admission to the overseas program should consult the department for information.
  • Foreign Language for Advanced Degree Requirements: Many graduate degree programs require competence in one or more foreign languages, and French is often is recommended or required. Students planning advanced degree study in areas having foreign language requirements should five careful consideration to completing two or more years of a foreign language as part of their baccalaureate degree.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Courses
Student must demonstrate competency equivalent to successful completion of the following: 1
Elementary French
Elementary French
Intermediate French
Intermediate French
Required Upper Division Courses (24 Units)
FREN 100Phonetics and Pronunciation3
FREN 101Advanced Grammar3
FREN 102Advanced Conversation3
FREN 103Advanced Composition3
FREN 110Survey of French Literature3
FREN 111Topics in Francophone Literature3
FREN 170Seminar Conducted in French3
FREN 120French Civilization3
Electives (9 Units)
Select three of the following:9
French Translation (French-English)
French Translation (English-French)
Business French
French Language Practice
Quebec and French North America
Experimental Offerings in French
Total Units33

There are no specific lower division course requirements. However, students must demonstrate competency equivalent to successful completion of the listed courses before beginning upper division work.

Note: Students majoring in French are encouraged to minor in another field of their choice.