BS in Gerontology

Units required for Major: 48

Program Description

The Gerontology Program provides an applied interdisciplinary approach to studying the human aging process and the challenges encountered by older adults and their families as they interact in contemporary society. The curriculum is anchored in life course and humanistic theory, and concentrates on the needs of both healthy and chronically ill elders.

Minimum Grade Requirement

Students must receive a “C” or better in all major and multidisciplinary core/elective courses.

Program Requirements

Required Major Core Courses (21 Units)
GERO 101Elder Care Continuum Services and Strategies3
GERO 102/PPA 100Social Policy for an Aging Society3
GERO 103Applied Care Management in Gerontology Practice3
GERO 121Models for Successful Aging3
GERO 122Managing Disorders in Elders3
GERO 130Gerontology Practicum3
GERO 131Gerontology Capstone Practicum3
Research Elective (see advisor) (3 Units)
Select one of the following:3
Quantitative Economic Analysis
Research in Ethnic Studies
Foundations for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 1
Qualitative Research in Psychology
Research and Evaluation in Recreation, Parks and Tourism 1
Research Methods in Sociology 1
Research Methods and Program Evaluation 1
Interdisciplinary Core (15 Units)
ETHN 133Crosscultural Aging in America 3
FACS 141Family Finance3
PSYC 151Psychological Aspects of Death and Dying3
RPTA 117Recreation Therapy and Contemporary Aspects of Disability 23
SWRK 151Health Services and Systems3
Electives (9 Units)
Select 9 units of the following:9
Special Problems
Public Health Administration and Policy
The Management of Contemporary Organizations
Sport And Aging
Writing in the Social Sciences
Nutrition And Metabolism
Nutrition: Adolescence Through Older Adulthood
Family Stress and Coping: Multicultural Focus
Adulthood and Aging in Human Development
Aging Issues in Contemporary America
Aging and Health
Psychological Aspects of Aging
Psychological Aspects of Health, Wellness, and Illness
Sociology of Aging
Total Units48

Gerontology students will be allowed to enroll without prerequisites but need senior status.


Gerontology students will be permitted to enroll without prerequisites


  • Additional optional courses which are recommended to support the Gerontology major are the following:
    GERO 21First Year Seminar: Becoming an Educated Person3
    BIO 20Biology: A Human Perspective3
    CHDV 30Human Development3
    FACS 50The Family and Social Issues 3
    FACS 113Nutrition And Metabolism3
    NURS 10Health Care: Issues and Delivery Systems3
    PSYC 2Introductory Psychology3
    PSYC 8Methods of Psychology3
    RPTA 106Introduction to Inclusive Recreation and Recreation Therapy3
    SOC 1Principles of Sociology3
    SOC 101Introduction to Statistics for Sociologists4
    STAT 1Introduction to Statistics3
    SWRK 110Statistics and Research for Social Workers3
  • Major Core courses have the potential of offering a one unit Service Learning (SL) option for each of the three theory courses (GERO 102, GERO 121 and GERO 122 that do not already include SL. These units could be combined and serve as one elective (GERO 199) if there is an approved written plan by the student and academic advisor prior to enrolling in the course.