Certificate of Competency in Educational Technology

Total units required for Certificate: 12

Program Description

A graduate student may earn a certificate in Educational Technology by completing four 3-unit courses. These courses provide the competencies needed by teachers and curriculum specialists to integrate technology into the curriculum, scaffold its inclusion in instruction, and disseminate that knowledge via appropriate staff-development needs.

The courses for this certificate are recognized by the CCTC as fulfilling the Supplementary Authorization for Computer Concepts and Applications, which is required by many districts for teaching computer-based courses or managing labs.

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisites (3 Units)
A valid teaching credential OR enrollment in a credential program AND
EDTE 230Introduction to Computers in the Classroom3


  • Applicants must complete an Enrollment Form for Certificate in Educational Technology available in Eureka Hall 203, or on the web.
  • Enrollment in the master's program is not required provided prerequisites are met, including having a teaching credential or being enrolled in a credential program. Candidates interested in seeking a master's degree should register in no more than 6 units prior to applying for classified standing in a MA program.

Minimum Grade Requirement

Minimum required GPA: 3.0 for all courses in the certificate program. 

Program Requirements

Required Courses (12 Units)
Select one of the following options:12
Option 1
Educational Applications of Computers
Teaching Problem-Solving with Educational Technology
Curriculum and Staff Development with Educational Technology
Enhancing Curriculum with Multimedia and the Web
Option 2
Tools and the Curriculum 1
Staff Development and Presentation Applications 1
Problem Solving and Project Development 1
Technology and Modern Practices 1
Total Units12

Acceptance into the Master of Arts (Educational Technology).