Minor in Economics

Units required for Minor: 21, twelve of which must be upper division Economics units

Program Description

A minor in Economics may be especially attractive to students majoring in Business Administration, Government, and Environmental Studies or in one of the other Social Science disciplines. The Economics minor adds both theoretical and analytical depth. In addition, it provides the historical and institutional background important to an understanding of contemporary economic issues. It offers students in other majors a broader-based undergraduate education while widening the choice of job possibilities. Employers view the minor in Economics favorably.

Program Requirements

ECON 1AIntroduction to Macroeconomic Analysis3
ECON 1BIntroduction to Microeconomic Analysis3
Total Units6

STAT 1 may be counted toward the minor.


No more than 3 units of ECON 199 may be used to meet the Economic Minor requirements.


No more than 6 units from the following courses may be used to meet the Economic Minor requirements: ECON 112, ECON 120, ECON 181, ECON 184, and ECON 189.

Notes: The following cannot be used to meet the requirements of the Economics minor:

ECON 104Introduction to the United States Economy3
ECON 195Economic Internship1 - 3
ECON 198Tutoring in Economics1 - 3