Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Total units required for Credential: 30

Program Description

Students who are specializing in School Counseling and intend to be employed in California will need to obtain one of the following two school counseling service credentials:

  • Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Credential
  • Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Internship Credential

Admission Requirements

Refer to Admission Requirements and Procedures for the Master of Arts degree in Education - Educational Leadership (listed below). 

  • a baccalaureate degree;
  • two years of teaching experience or its functional equivalent;
  • a minimum 2.5 GPA in the last 60 units;
  • proficiency in written English composition as demonstrated by either passing the Sacramento State Writing Placement for Juniors exam or equivalent, or enrolling in ENGL 109W [passing with a grade of C or better; and
  • an interview with a student/practicing administrator/faculty team; interviews will be scheduled at the close of the application period, (the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test scores are NOT required; however, these test scores may be included with the admission application).

In addition, all credential applicants must:

  • have a valid California teaching credential (K-12) requiring a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation including student teaching; or a valid California Designated Subjects Teaching credential provided the applicant also possesses a baccalaureate degree; or a California Pupil Personnel Services credential requiring a baccalaureate degree program of professional preparation including field practice with school-aged students; or a Librarianship credential; or a Health Services School Nurse credential; or a Clinical or Rehabilitative Services credential;
  • provide documentation of registration for the CBEST exam;
  • upon entering the credential program have completed a minimum of 3 years and, by the time of completion of credential requirements, have had 5 years of successful, full-time teaching or pupil personnel experience in public or private schools;
  • GPA in the last 60 units of 2.5 or better
  • Completion, and successful review, of CSU Mentor and program Supplemental application
  • Successful interview with faculty, demonstrating
  • Preparation for graduate level study
  • Some leadership experience
  • Familiarity with current issues in education
  • Knowledge of conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of K-12 education as a field
  • Entry level understanding of ethical leadership
  • Vision for K-12 education
  • earn a minimum 3.0 GPA for all work presented for the credential

Applicants who have deficiencies in admission requirements that can be removed by specified additional preparation may be admitted with conditionally classified graduate status. Any deficiencies will be noted on a written response to the student's admission application.

Admission Procedures

Prospective graduate students, including Sacramento State graduates, must file the following with the Office of Graduate Studies, Riverfront Center 215, (916) 278-6470:

  • an online application for admission; and
  • one set of official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, other than Sacramento State.

For more admissions information and application deadlines, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website.

The graduate degree program is subject to general University and Departmental requirements. These requirements are explained in the Graduate Degree Requirements section of the University Catalog.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (24 Units)
EDLP 200ADiversity and Equity in Educational Leadership 13
EDLP 201AFoundations of Educational Leadership 13
EDLP 202ALegal Basis of Education 23
EDLP 203AFinancial Resources Planning and Allocation 33
EDLP 205ACurriculum and Instructional Leadership in K-12 Schools 23
EDLP 206ASupervision and Leadership 13
EDLP 208ASchool Leadership/Management 33
EDLP 209AHuman Resources and Supervision 23
Required Direct Field Experience (6 Units)
EDLP 495AField Study in Educational Leadership 23
EDLP 255Field Experience Seminar3
Total Units30

Courses taken fall semester


Courses taken spring semester


Courses taken summer semester


Course offered in winter intersession