BA in Philosophy (Ethics, Politics, and Law)

Units required for the Major: 40-43

Program Description

The concentration in Ethics, Politics, and Law is designed as a preparation for the study of law as well as for advanced professional study in applied ethics. It is also intended to give undergraduates a foundation in rational decision-making, embodying the conviction that such an intellectual capacity has broad application.

The concentration gives students an understanding of the theories behind moral and legal principles as well as training in the process of decision-making applying those principles. Students will be called upon to make decisions in particular cases; state the facts impartially; convey their decisions and their reasoning cogently and persuasively; and justify their decisions by showing how they are both a reasonable consequence of those principles and not overturned by overriding conflicting principles. There will be a particular emphasis on clear and effective writing.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Courses (6 Units)
PHIL 60Deductive Logic I3
or PHIL 61 Inductive Logic
One of the following may be counted toward the major requirements3
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, World and Self
History of Philosophy
Required Upper Division Courses (13 Units)
PHIL 127History of Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 128History of Modern Philosophy3
PHIL 180Knowledge and Understanding3
PHIL 181Metaphysics3
PHIL 189Senior Seminar in Philosophy1
Additional Required Upper Division Courses (3 Units)
Select one of the following:3
Philosophy Of Mind
Philosophy Of Language
Deductive Logic II
Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy
Ethics (18 Units)
PHIL 112History Of Ethics 3
PHIL 122Political Philosophy3
PHIL 152Recent Ethical Theory3
PHIL 155Philosophy Of Law3
Select two of the following:6
Ethics and Personal Values
Ethics and Social Issues
Professional and Public Service Ethics
Business and Computer Ethics
Seminar (3 Units)
Select one of the following:3
PHIL 190 series course
PHIL 192 course
Total Units43

Note: Philosophy majors must fulfill the GE Writing Intensive "supervenient requirement" with courses in the major, only.

Elective List

PHIL 100Ethics and Personal Values3
PHIL 101Ethics and Social Issues 3
PHIL 102Professional and Public Service Ethics3
PHIL 103Business and Computer Ethics3
PHIL 104Bioethics3
PHIL 105Science and Human Values 3
PHIL 115Philosophy In Literature 3
PHIL 117Existentialism 3
PHIL 123Philosophy and Feminism3
PHIL 125Philosophy Of Science3
PHIL 126The Meanings Of Evolution3
PHIL 131Philosophy Of Religion3
PHIL 136Philosophy Of Art3
PHIL 145AChinese Philosophy 3
PHIL 145BPhilosophies Of India 3
PHIL 152Recent Ethical Theory3
PHIL 153Philosophy Of Mind3
PHIL 154Philosophy Of Language3
PHIL 155Philosophy Of Law3
PHIL 160Deductive Logic II3
PHIL 176Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy3
PHIL 192BTopics in Bioethics3
PHIL 192DSpace and Time3
PHIL 192LTopics in Philosophy Language3
PHIL 192MTopics in Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL 192OTopics in Contemporary Metaphysics3
PHIL 192RTopics in Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 195Philosophy Internship1 - 3
PHIL 196Experimental Offerings in Philosophy3
PHIL 199Special Problems1 - 3