BA in Ethnic Studies

Units required for Major: 36

Program Description

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the cultures, languages, historical, and contemporary issues relating to African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicana/os-Latina/os, and Native Americans. The program directs students to critically examine the cultural contributions made by these groups to world civilization and to American society. Ethnic Studies challenges all students to analyze existing generalizations, theories, and concepts about racial and ethnic groups in order to develop valid generalizations, concepts, and theories about the people and their experiences. Students are encouraged to actively work to eliminate problems based on discrimination.

Students are also encouraged to blend professional area studies with Ethnic Studies. For example, a student may major in Ethnic Studies and minor in Business Administration. Similarly, students with a degree in Engineering Technology may minor in Ethnic Studies and emerge well-prepared professionally to assume middle management and supervisory positions in a multicultural society. Ethnic Studies majors and minors enter careers and professions in both the public and private sectors.

Note: Program advising and other information can be obtained from the Ethnic Studies Department.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Course (3 Units)
ETHN 11Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3
Required Upper Division Courses (21 Units)
ETHN 100Ethnic America 3
ETHN 110The Asian American Experience3
ETHN 130Chicano/Mexican-American Experience3
or ETHN 131 La Raza Studies
ETHN 140Native American Experience3
ETHN 170Pan African Studies3
ETHN 194Research in Ethnic Studies3
ETHN 195AEthnic Studies Fieldwork1
ETHN 195BEthnic Studies Seminar2
Electives (12 Units)
Select 12 units 112
Total Units36

Four upper division Ethnic Studies and/or cross-listed courses selected with advisor approval to provide the opportunity for social, cultural and historical study; should also apply to the area of concentration; see note below.


  • Contact the Department for a list of approved electives.
  • A concentration must be declared in Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Education (Teachers in Urban Settings or Teachers in Bilingual Education), Native American Studies, Pan African Studies, or General Ethnic Studies. The concentration includes 12 units of electives.