Minor in Labor Studies

Units required for Minor: 21

Program Description

The Labor Studies Program is concerned with the world of work, workers, and their organizations. It investigates the cultural, economic, and political forces which provide the environment in which people make a living. It is an inter-disciplinary program which combines broad perspectives with specific skills.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses (9 Units)
LBRS 100/SOC 176Labor and the American Social Structure 3
Select two of the following:6
Labor Economics
American Labor History
Labor Relations
Work and Occupations
Women and Work
Electives (12 Units)
Select four of the following:12
Introduction to the United States Economy
Employment Law
Industrial Psychology
Ethnic and Race Relations
Immigration Studies
Sociology of Globalization
Total Units21

Note: Electives may be substituted for some required courses with approval of the Labor Studies Coordinator.