BA in Philosophy (Honors)

Total units required in addition to the required major units: 46 units

Program Description

Students who maintain at least a 3.7 GPA in Philosophy may elect the Honors concentration. The Honors concentration must be combined with one or more of the non-honors concentrations: the General Major, the concentration in Ethics, Politics, and Law, or the concentration in Science, Reason, and Values. Upon admission to the Honors concentration, students will produce a course plan approved by the Department Honors Committee.

Program Requirements

Select one of the following concentrations:
General Major Concentration
Ethics, Politics, and Law Concentration
Science, Reason, and Values Concentration
Seminar (3 Units)
Select one 190 or 192 series seminar from the Elective List below not taken to satisfy the non-Honors concentration.
PHIL 190Selected Philosophers (or 192 Series course from Elective List below)3
Honors Thesis (1 Unit)
PHIL 197Honors Thesis1
Total Units46

Elective List 

PHIL 190Selected Philosophers3
PHIL 192BTopics in Bioethics3
PHIL 192ETopics in Epistemology3
PHIL 192FTopics in Ethics3
PHIL 192LTopics in Philosophy Language3
PHIL 192MTopics in Philosophy of Mind3
PHIL 192OTopics in Contemporary Metaphysics3
PHIL 192PTopics in Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 192RTopics in Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 192STopics in Philosophy of Science3
PHIL 192TTopics in Philosophy of Social Science3

General Education Requirements1

Area A: Basic Subjects (6-9 Units)
A1 - Oral Communication3
A2 - Written Communication3
A3 - Critical Thinking 20 - 3
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (13 Units)
B1 - Physical Science3
B2 - Life Forms3
B3 - Lab (Note: Lab experience to be taken with one of the following: B1, B2 or B5)1
B4 - Math Concepts3
B5 - Additional Course (Any B to reach 12 units) - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area C: Arts and Humanities (6-12 Units)
C1 - Arts3
C2 - Humanities 20 - 3
C1/C2 - Area C Course3
C1/C2 - Area C Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements. 30 - 3
Area D: The Individual and Society (6-9 Units)
Area D Course3
Area D Course3
Area D Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements. 30 - 3
Area E: Understanding Personal Development (3 Units)
Area E Course3
Area F: Ethnic Studies (3 Units)
Area F Course3
Total Units37-49