Certificate in Arts & Letters Entrepreneurship

The Certificate in Arts & Letters Entrepreneurship provides students with the essential business-oriented knowledge and entrepreneurial skillsets needed to be successful creative entrepreneurs. Students will develop skills that will help them create, work within, and contribute to arts and letters organizations including public, private, and self-initiated endeavors. As part of the certificate, students will learn the fundamentals of arts organization management and arts marketing and communication practices.

1. Any concurrent undergraduate degree in the departments of art, communication studies, design, english, history, humanities & religious studies, music, philosophy, theatre & dance, or world languages & literatures.

ALS 160 (new course: Arts Organizational Management and Communication)3
ALS 161 (new course: Arts and Letters Entrepreneurship and Marketing)3
ALS 195Internship in Arts and Letters3
Select 6 units from the following: 16
Individual, Community, and Citizenship
The Studio: Explorations in Arts and Letters
Art and the Artist in the Marketplace
Art Gallery Management
Survey of Communication Studies
Rhetoric and Social Influence
Intercultural Communication
Multimedia Communication
Survey of Public Relations
Writing for Interactive Media
Online Collaboration
Organizational Communication
Creative Dance for Children
Dance Cultures Of America
African-Caribbean Dance
World Design and Visual Culture
Film Theory and Criticism
Children's Literary Classics
Professional Writing
Technical Writing
Intermediate Fiction Writing
Intermediate Poetry Writing
Special Topics in Poetry Writing
Writing For Television
Between Genres: Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry
Writing Feature Film Scripts
Art of Autobiography
Film and Video Production Management
Staging and Lighting Digital Video
Popular Culture
Hollywood and America
Public History
Oral History: Theory and Practice
Global Crossings: Art and Culture 1945 to Present
Food, Farming, and the Sacred
Multicultural America
American Space and Identity
Hollywood and America
Contemporary Issues in Film
Women in Film and American Culture
American Popular Music: Jazz History
History of Rock Music
Hip-Hop in Urban America
World Music: Asia
World Music: Africa
World Music: Latin America
The American Musical Theater
American Society and Its Music
Ethics and Social Issues
Professional and Public Service Ethics
Business and Computer Ethics
Photography, a Social History
Children's Theatre
Lighting and Set Design
Costume Design
Multicultural Perspectives in American Theatre
Multicultural Perspectives in American Film
Total Units15