About the University

California State University, Sacramento

California State University, Sacramento offers life-changing possibilities for our students, preparing them to be leaders in their careers and communities. Our professors are known for their dedication to great teaching, and direct interaction with students helps to create extensive learning and research opportunities. Sacramento State's location in California’s capital city also provides access to internships and job opportunities with some of the nation's most influential public and private institutions.

A vibrant, metropolitan university, Sacramento State enrolls a multicultural student body and graduates about 7,000 students each year. The University has an annual economic impact of nearly $1.3 billion on the Sacramento Valley Region. For every dollar spent by CSU Campuses in the Sacramento Valley region, $1.60 of positive economic activity is generated in the state.

Sacramento State remains one of the nation’s best higher education values, with student tuition fees among the lowest in the nation. About half of our students receive some form of financial assistance.

Our students choose from numerous fields of study. We offer a strong and diverse academic curriculum that includes nearly 60 undergraduate programs and more than 40 graduate programs, as well as two doctorates. In addition, numerous offerings, such as the Honors Program, help students pursue excellence, meet others with similar interests and develop strong ties with professors. Among our programs linked to state government is the nationally renowned Capital Fellows Program, in which graduate students work as full-time staff in the legislative, executive or judicial branch.

Preparing for a career is a vital part of a Sacramento State education. We have one of the largest cooperative education programs in California, placing students in paid positions where they receive academic credit. Hundreds of other students participate in internships in business and government. One third of Sacramento State students work as volunteers – many through a service-learning project in class gaining valuable work experience while helping their community. Our Career Center helps students with identifying a career interest, developing interview skills and finding jobs through the extensive Hornet Career Connection, a partnership with local and global employers. Numerous academic programs also have direct links to employers that recruit directly on campus.

Outside the classroom, Sacramento State students lead active lives. Campus-sponsored arts programs, speeches, debates, comedy shows and concerts enrich the community throughout the year, and there are abundant cultural and entertainment options in the surrounding area. More than half the University’s students join at least one of 250 student organizations, and thousands participate in the intramural sports program. About 400 intercollegiate athletes compete at the NCAA Division I level.

We’re particularly proud of our beautiful 300-acre campus, with its lush landscaping and more than 3,500 trees. Sacramento State also has recently completed the two greenest buildings in the history of the University. The American River Courtyard is a suite-style residence hall on campus that offers amenities such as private bedrooms, kitchenettes and in-suite bathrooms for students. The WELL, a state-of-the-art recreation and wellness center, combines gym space, fitness equipment, medical facilities, an indoor track and a large rock-climbing wall. Both buildings are LEED Gold certified for their energy-saving and sustainability features.

Miles of riverfront trails for runners and bicyclists stretch along the adjacent American River Parkway, linking our campus and student housing with recreational areas such as Folsom Lake and Old Sacramento.

For more information, visit www.csus.edu.

University Mission and Strategic Planning

As California's capital university, we transform lives by preparing students for leadership, service, and success. Sacramento State will be a recognized leader in education, innovation, and engagement.

Our campus imperatives are Student Success, Philanthropy, Diversity & Inclusion, Public Safety, and Community Engagement.

Hornet Honor Code

As proud members and representatives of the Sacramento State Hornet community, we commit ourselves to actively promoting honesty, integrity, respect, and care for every person, ensuring a welcoming campus environment, and striving to help every member of our Hornet Family feel a strong sense of belonging. 

As Hornets, we will: 

1. Promote an inclusive campus and community. 

2. Listen and respect each other’s thoughts, interests, and views. 

3. Value diversity and learn from one another. 

4. Engage daily with mutual trust, care, and integrity. 

5. Support a culture of honor and adhere to campus policies for honesty, ethics, and conduct. 

6. Be proud to be Sac State Hornets