BFA in Interior Architecture

Units required for Major: 70
Minimum units required for BFA: 120

Program Description

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture is intended for students pursuing professional careers as interior designers/interior architects. The Program provides students with the knowledge and skills to shape interior-designed environments responsibly. Combined with the CSU General Education requirements, the breadth of courses in the program reflects the values of professional preparation grounded in a liberal arts education. The Program is one of five-degree programs offered in the Department of Design and shares a lower-division curriculum with the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture Studies.

The Interior Architecture program encompasses a broader understanding of designing interior environments. Students learn both “interior” and “architectural” ways of thinking and designing as they develop the knowledge, skills, concepts, and sensitivities essential to professional life. Students are educated in architectural history/theory, interior architecture studio practice, interior construction practices, building mechanical and electrical systems, FFE research and specifications, graphic communication, and professional practice. The Program fosters an interdisciplinary approach to designing interior environments with particular attention to the design’s impact on environmental, social, and cultural systems.

A central part of interior and architecture education is the design studio, where students thoroughly examine design problems using experiential and project-based learning to prepare for the competitive rigors of the changing world they will face after graduation. Studio culture is non-competitive and supportive, emphasizing collaborative models of learning. Guest lecturers, professional panel critiques, discussions, field trips, and building tours of outstanding projects maintain strong connections to the profession. Service-learning opportunities form an important component of the curriculum.

The upper-division curriculum provides students with the design and technical skills needed to practice interior design/interior architecture and sit for the NCIDQ and/or IDEX examinations. The Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) oversees the NCIDQ Examination, which is required for interior design licensure/registration in every regulated US jurisdiction except California. The California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) oversees Interior Design Certification in California through the IDEX® California Exam.

Sacramento State is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), designated by the U.S. Department of Education as the agency responsible for the accreditation of art and design programs in the U.S.

Minimum Grade Requirement

A minimum grade of "C" or better is required in all major course requirements.

Program Requirements

Required Lower Division Design Core Courses (7 Units)
DSGN 10Think Make4
Select one of the following:3
Design and Thinking
Design and Society Since 1780
Required Lower Division Major Courses (19 Units)
INTD 1AHistory of Architecture: Prehistory to 18003
INTD 1BHistory of Architecture: 1800 to Today3
INTD 15Introduction to Interior Design3
INTD 25Design Fundamentals3
INTD 27Architectural Design Fundamentals3
INTD 30Beginning AutoCAD and SketchUp2
INTD 36Beginning Revit2
Required Upper Division Design History (3 Units)
Select one of the following:3
American Design
Principles of House Design
Required Upper Division Professional Practice (12 Units)
INTD 155Professional Practice I3
INTD 165Professional Practice II3
INTD 175Professional Practice III3
Select one of the following:3
Pro Practice - Career Preparation
Professional Practice IV-Internship
Required Upper Division Courses (20 Units)
INTD 110AIntermediate Interior Architecture Design Studio - Residential4
INTD 110BIntermediate Interior Architecture Design Studio - Commercial4
INTD 151Interior Architecture Graphics I3
INTD 171Interior Design Graphics III3
INTD 180Capstone Interior Architecture Studio5
INTD 181Interior Architecture Portfolio1
Required Electives (9 Units)
Complete 9 units from the following: 19
Design and Thinking
Design and Society Since 1780
World Design and Visual Culture
History Of Graphic Design
Visual Basics
American Design
Principles of House Design
Digital Photography I
Digital Photography II
The Photographic Self
Darkroom Photography
Total Units70

Students may not choose an elective that was used for another requirement in this degree.

 General Education Requirements1

Area A: Basic Subjects (9 Units)
A1 - Oral Communication3
A2 - Written Communication3
A3 - Critical Thinking3
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (13 Units)
B1 - Physical Science 13
B2 - Life Forms3
B3 - Lab (Note: Lab experience to be taken with one of the following: B1, B2 or B5) 11
B4 - Math Concepts 13
B5 - Additional Course (Any B to reach 12 units) - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area C: Arts and Humanities (9 Units)
C1 - Arts 10
C2 - Humanities3
C1/C2 - Area C Course3
C1/C2 - Area C Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.3
Area D: The Individual and Society (6 Units)
Area D Course3
Area D Course3
Area D Course0
Area D Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements.0
Area E: Understanding Personal Development (3 Units)
Area E Course3
Area F: Ethnic Studies
Area F Course
Total Units40

To help you complete your degree in a timely manner and not take more units than absolutely necessary, there are ways to use single courses to meet more than one requirement (overlap). For further information, please visit the General Education page.

Note: There is no way to list all possible overlaps so please consult with a professional advisor. The Academic Advising Center can be visited online, by phone (916) 278-1000, or email.


Required in Major; also satisfies GE.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements (required by CSU) (9 Units)
American Institutions: U.S. History3
American Institutions: U.S. Constitution & CA Government3
Writing Intensive (WI)3
Graduation Requirements (required by Sacramento State) (12 Units)
English Composition II3
Race and Ethnicity in American Society (RE)3
Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement 26