MA in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (Workforce Development Leadership)

Total units required for MA: 30

Program Description

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies aims to develop TK-12, higher education, and workforce development leaders from diverse backgrounds who will positively impact all educational settings. The program specifically focuses on cultivating leaders who promote learning, equity, social justice and achievement for all students. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies seeks to prepare transformational leaders with the capacity to effectively facilitate and manage change.

Admission Requirements

1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree at the time of application
2. GPA in the last 60 units of 2.5 or better
3. Completion, and successful review, of University and program application materials for admission.
4. Successful interview with faculty, demonstrating:
    ~Preparation for graduate level study
    ~Leadership experience
    ~Familiarity with current issues in education
    ~Knowledge of conflict resolution and negotiation skills
    ~Knowledge of education as a professional field
    ~Entry level understanding of ethical leadership
    ~Knowledge of workforce development as a profession
    ~Vision for education

Program Requirements

Core Requirements (15 Units)
EDLP 200Diversity and Equity in Educational Leadership3
EDLP 201Foundations of Educational Leadership3
EDLP 202School Law and Ethics of Educational Leadership,Education Law and Ethics of Educational Leadership3
EDLP 209Organizational Systems and Human Resources3
EDLP 250Education Research 3
Concentration Requirements (9 Units)
Select one of the following concentrations:9
TK-12 Leadership
Higher Education Leadership
Workforce Development Leadership
Culminating Requirement (6 Units) 1
EDLP 230Master of Arts Thesis/Project Seminar3
EDLP 500AMaster of Arts Thesis/Project3
Total Units30

Concentration in Workplace Development Leadership (9 units)

EDLP 223Advanced Seminar: Student Affairs Leadership,Workforce Development Resource Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation3
EDLP 226Workforce Development Professional Competencies3
EDLP 229Adult Education and Learning3