Minor in Nutrition and Food

Units required for Minor: 21, all of which must be taken in Nutrition and Food.

Program Description

The minor in Nutrition and Food gives students an understanding of the role food and nutrition play in health and disease prevention through coursework in food safety, cultural foods, nutrition & wellness, and metabolism and elective options in life-cycle nutrition, sports nutrition, and current nutrition controversies. The minor could be a relevant addition to any major and is particularly well-suited towards students pursuing careers in public health, gerontology, psychology, human development, health science, education, medicine, nursing, and other healthcare professions.

Program Requirements

NUFD 9Food Safety and Sanitation3
NUFD 10Nutrition And Wellness 13
NUFD 107Nutrition Education, Communication, and Counseling3
NUFD 113Nutrition And Metabolism 13
NUFD 114Cultural and Social Aspects of Food 13
Select two from the following:6
Research: Methods and Application in Nutrition and Food
Grocery Procurement & Merchandising
Current Topics in Nutritional Sciences
Nutrition: Pre-conception Through Childhood
Nutrition: Adolescence Through Older Adulthood
Practical Application in Sports Nutrition
Nutrition Assessment, Methods and Support
Social Media for Nutrition Communication
Total Units21

1 Courses also satisfy the General Education (GE) requirements.