Blended BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering Program

Total units required for Blended BS/MS: 150

Program Description

The Blended BS/MS program in Mechanical Engineering allows qualified students in the BS degree program to simultaneously complete requirements for both the BS and MS degree. Students in the program can progress from undergraduate to graduate status without applying for admission through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Eligibility Requirements

Students majoring in Mechanical Engineering will be eligible to apply to the program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of the WPJ or equivalent, eligible for WI course, and completion of the prerequisites for ME 190 (Project Engineering I);
  • Have not yet enrolled in ME 190;
  • Are not double majoring; and
  • Have a minimum GPA in major courses of 3.00.

Application Procedures

Students interested in applying to the Blended BS/MS Program should follow the following procedure:

  • Prior to the tenth week during the semester before taking ME 190, students must complete the department application.
  • Applicants do not need to pay the graduate program application fee.
  • Electronic applications will be submitted to the ME Graduate Coordinator for review.
  • Upon acceptance to the program, the department will notify the Registrar's Office and the Office of Graduate Studies in the change in status of the student.

Program of Study

In the two semesters of their senior year, students admitted to the program will be required to take the following graduate classes:

  • ME 209 Research Methodology (2 units)
  • Two graduate-level courses (200 level) in Mechanical Engineering selected in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator (3 units each)

When the students have completed the core courses for the undergraduate program and have completed the 8 units of graduate courses listed above, they will be converted to graduate status and the BS degree can be awarded. Students will be eligible to receive the MS degree when the remaining requirements for the graduate degree are completed (i.e., the requirements for the MS degree are the same whether taken separately or blended).

During their first semester in graduate status, students will be required to submit a thesis proposal to the ME department and to apply for advancement to candidacy.

Opt-Out Option

Students who wish to opt out after completing all other BS major requirements except the 6 units of ME electives may do so and the two graduate courses will count as two of the electives required in the normal undergraduate program. The total number of units taken for the BS degree will be the same (122 units) as for students who are not in the blended program.