Certificate in Electric Power Systems and Engineering

Program Description

The certificate in Electric Power Systems and Engineering will recognize the commitment and accomplishments of students studying in this area, and provide potential employers with evidence of the skills students have developed. Students studying in this area will become knowledgeable and proficient in the different skills this demanding field requires. This requires studying multiple subjects such as power system analysis, electric power distribution, relay protection, and smart grids. In addition, students will learn the methods and tools used to analyze and design power systems.

Admission Requirements

Must be enrolled as an Electrical and Electronic Engineering major

Program Requirements

Required courses (11 Units)
EEE 141Power System Analysis I3
EEE 142Power System Analysis II3
EEE 143Power System Laboratory1
EEE 192AElectrical Power Design Project I2
EEE 192BElectrical Power Design Project II2
Required Elective Courses (7 UNITS)
Option 1
Two 3 unit elective lecture courses in the power area
One 1-unit elective lab course in the power area
Option 2
One 3-unit elective lecture course in the power area
One 4-unit elective lecture+lab course in the power area
Total Units18

Note: All such Power Engineering elective courses are listed in the BS EEE catalog located in https://catalog.csus.edu/colleges/engineering-computer-science/engineering-electrical-electronic/bs-in-electrical-and-electronic-engineering/