MA in Art

The MA in Art is scheduled for discontinuation.  Please see the MFA in Studio Art.

Total units required for the MA:  30

Program Description

The Master of Arts program is designed to produce graduates with professional competence in studio disciplines. While acquiring those abilities, the student is also expected to develop skills used in the criticism and analysis of the visual arts. The Master of Arts degree at Sacramento State may serve as preparation for admission into a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program at another institution.

The studio curriculum encourages integration of professional practice with historical and theoretical studies. The progression of classes facilitates the transition from student to independent artist through studies in ceramics, drawing, jewelry, metalsmithing, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Special emphasis is placed on the development of individuality, depth, and professional competence in both technique and concepts.

Admission Requirements

Admission as a classified graduate student in art requires:

  • a BA in Art or its equivalent, including 12 units in art history;
  • a minimum 2.5 GPA in the last 60 units attempted;
  • approval by Studio Art faculty review of other submitted materials (see Admission Procedures below); and
  • English language proficiency: International students must pass the TOEFL examination. Advancement to candidacy requires passing English proficiency requirements. See below.

Applicants who have deficiencies in admission requirements that can be removed by specified additional preparation may be admitted with conditionally classified status. Any deficiencies will be noted on a written response to the student’s admission application.

Admission Procedures

Applicants must complete a university application and a separate departmental application by the posted application deadline dates for the term applying.

  • an online application for admission, including the online supplemental application; and
  • official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, other than Sacramento State. In addition, all materials listed below must be submitted by the posted deadline; and
  • twenty slides of the applicant’s recent artwork in a carrousel tray (a description of each slide, listing size, medium, and date of composition, must be included).

For more admissions information and application deadlines, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Minimum Units and Grade Requirement for the Degree

Units required for the MA:  30

Minimum Cumulative GPA:  3.0

Advancement to Candidacy

Each student must file an application for Advancement to Candidacy, indicating a proposed program of graduate study. This procedure should begin as soon as the classified graduate student has:

  • removed any deficiencies in admission requirements;
  • completed at least 12 units of 200-level courses in the graduate program with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA;
  • taken the Writing Placement for Graduate Students (WPG) or taken a Graduate Writing Intensive (GWI) course in their discipline within the first two semesters of coursework at California State University, Sacramento or secured approval for a WPG waiver; and
  • secured approval from the studio art faculty, based on a formal presentation of the student’s work.

Advancement to Candidacy forms are available on the Office of Graduate Studies website. The student fills out the form after planning a degree program in consultation with his/her Art Department advisor. The completed form is then returned to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval.

Final Review

During the semester when the student expects to complete 30 units, the student should consult with the Graduate Coordinator and the student's advisor in order to determine the details (such as the number of pieces and manner of presentation) of the final review, which is a culminating exhibition of student work. (Final reviews may be attempted only twice.)

Program Requirements

Basic Core (9 Units)9
ART 206Art Theory and Criticism 3
ART 212Contemporary Art3
ART 222Studio Critique Seminar 13
Studio Electives (15 Units)
Select 15 units from the following, at least 6 units must be 200-level: 215
Advanced Drawing
Intermediate Painting (may be taken twice for credit)
Advanced Painting (may be taken four times for credit)
Figure Drawing
Intermediate Watercolor
Advanced Watercolor
Life Painting
Life Studio
Painting and Drawing in the Field
Collage and Assemblage (may be taken twice for credit)
Advanced Silkscreen
3D Computer Modeling
3D Computer Animation
Digital Printmaking
Advanced Printmaking Studio
Video Art
Advanced Ceramics
Hand-Built Ceramic Techniques
Photography in the Field
Alternative Photographic Processes
Figure Sculpture
Advanced Sculpture (may be taken twice for credit)
Installation and Performance Art (may be taken twice for credit)
Intermediate Electronic Art
Advanced Electronic Art
Advanced Problems in Painting and Drawing
Painting/Drawing Studio 3
Graphics/Printmaking Studio 3
Ceramics Studio 3
Photography Studio 3
Crafts/Art Metal Studio 3
Graduate Sculpture 3
Sculpture Studio 3
New Media 1
New Media 2
Special Problems 4
Culminating Requirement (3 Units)
ART 500Culminating Experience3
Total Units30