Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Internship Credential

Total units required for Credential: 59

Program Description

The PPS-SCI enables school districts and other educational agencies to place candidates in school counseling positions prior to the completion of credential requirements, provided that the CBEST and practicum coursework have been passed. Requests must originate in writing from the district superintendent or other appropriate officers. The program meets all standards established by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

The Pupil Personnel Services Internship Credential Program is limited only to students who are already classified students in the Department of Counselor Education in the School Counseling Specialization. This program is not open to applicants from other institutions.

Admission Requirements

Requests to enter the Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Internship Credential program must originate in writing from the district superintendent or other appropriate officer stating that the individual is in a position or being offered a position (for the duration of at least one year) which requires the authorization of a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Counseling. 

Individuals must satisfy the basic skills requirement by one of the CTC approved methods prior to receiving the Pupil Personnel Services Internship Credential. 

Program Requirements

Required Courses (59 Units)
EDC 210Advocacy, Social Justice, and Cultural Foundations in Counseling3
EDC 214Dynamics of Human Development3
EDC 215Foundations of Professional School Counseling3
EDC 216Counseling Theory3
EDC 218Assessment In Counseling3
EDC 219Group Processes in Counseling3
EDC 231Diagnosis and Treatment Planning3
EDC 233Substance Use and Addiction Counseling3
EDC 242Play and Art in Therapy with Children3
EDC 244Trauma and Crisis Counseling3
EDC 250Education Research 3
EDC 252Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Counseling3
EDC 260Career Development3
EDC 270Organization and Administration of School Counseling Programs3
EDC 272Counseling Children and Youth3
EDC 274Advocacy and Systemic Change in School Counseling3
EDC 280Counseling Skills Lab2
EDC 475Counseling Practicum3
EDC 480Field Study In Counseling 16