Certificate in Issues in Natural Resource Management

Units required for Certificate: 15, in addition to requirements for BS

Program Description

The Academic Achievement Certificate in Issues in Natural Resource Management is designed to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the conflicts, controversies, and biopolitical issues that natural resource biologists must deal with in their careers, and to introduce students to the non-biological considerations that influence decision making processes in natural resource utilization and management.

A minimum of 15 units selected from the following list in addition to requirements for the BS in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biological Conservation. The certificate may also be awarded to students completing the BS in General Biology with the approval of the Biological Conservation advisors.

Program Requirements

Select a minimum of 15 units from the following:15
Economics and Environmental Degradation
Resource Economics
Contemporary Environmental Issues
International Environmental Problems
Environment and the Law
California's Water Resources
Geology and the Environment
Public Policy Development
Total Units15