BA in Child and Adolescent Development (Early Development, Care, and Education)

Units required for Major: 52
Total units required for BA: 120

Program Description

The Child and Adolescent Development concentration in Early Development, Care and Education seeks to prepare students to understand and apply developmental perspectives and engage in ethical and reflective practices working with young children from birth through 8 years of age and their families.

This concentration is appropriate for students interested in working with diverse groups of young children and families in early childhood settings including early care and preschool settings and/or as preparation for advanced degree and professional programs. Upon completion of the BA in Early Development, Care, and Education, graduates are eligible for the Child Development Teacher Permit.

This concentration offers core curricula and fieldwork in early childhood development and pedagogy while highlighting family engagement in the context of family, culture, language, and society. Substantive training in language acquisition and literacy for early childhood Dual Language Learners and their families is embedded within the concentration. Students will be able to utilize developmental research, theory, and fieldwork in early childhood development settings to engage, support and improve their pedagogical practice working in early childhood settings.

A grade of "C-" or higher is required for all coursework in the Child and Adolescent Development major.

Program Requirements

Required Foundation Courses (10 Units)
CHAD 101Career and Major Exploration in Child and Adolescent Development2
CHAD 123Qualitative Methods in Human Development 14
CHAD 133Quantitative Methods in Human Development 14
Required Core Courses (18 Units)
CHAD 131Language Development3
CHAD 135Culture and Human Development3
CHAD 137Cognitive Development3
CHAD 138Social and Emotional Development3
CHAD 156Child and Adolescent Development in Context3
CHAD 190Capstone in Child and Adolescent Development3
Required concentration courses (24 Units)
CHAD 23Observation and Assessment in Child Development3
CHAD 35Child and Adolescent Development 23
CHAD 35EEarly Childhood Field Experience3
CHAD 134Development of Young Children as Mathematical and Scientific Thinkers3
CHAD 136Developmental Experiences, Methods and Curriculum3
CHAD 139Educational Play: Theory and Practice3
CHAD 150Literacy Development for Monolingual and Multilingual Children3
CHAD 191Early Childhood Education Practicum3
Total Units52

General Education Requirements1

Area A: Basic Subjects (9 Units)
A1 - Oral Communication3
A2 - Written Communication3
A3 - Critical Thinking3
Area B: Physical Universe and Its Life Forms (7-13 Units)
B1 - Physical Science3
B2 - Life Forms3
B3 - Lab (Note: Lab experience to be taken with one of the following: B1, B2 or B5)1
B4 - Math Concepts 30 - 3
B5 - Additional Course (Any B to reach 12 units) - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements. 40 - 3
Area C: Arts and Humanities (9-12 Units)
C1 - Arts3
C2 - Humanities3
C1/C2 - Area C Course3
C1/C2 - Area C Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements. 40 - 3
Area D: The Individual and Society (6-9 Units)
Area D Course3
Area D Course3
Area D Course 20
Area D Course - Take upper-division course to complete Area & upper division requirements. 40 - 3
Area E: Understanding Personal Development
Area E Course 20
Total Units31-43

Graduation Requirements1

Graduation Requirements (required by CSU) (3-9 Units)
American Institutions: U.S. History 20 - 3
American Institutions: U.S. Constitution & CA Government3
Writing Intensive (WI) 30 - 3
Graduation Requirements (required by Sacramento State) (9 Units)
English Composition II3
Race and Ethnicity in American Society (RE) 40
Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement 56