Preliminary Administrative Services Internship Credential

Total units required for Credential: 68

Program Description

Students who are specializing in School Counseling and intend to be employed in California will need to obtain one of the following two school counseling service credentials:

  • Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Credential
  • Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Internship Credential

Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet all Preliminary Administrative Services Credential admission requirements AND must have been appointed to an administrative position by student's employing school district.

Note: Detailed requirements and procedures for admission to the Administrative Internship program may be obtained at the Department.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (39 Units)
EDLP 200ADiversity and Equity in Educational Leadership 13
EDLP 201AFoundations of Educational Leadership 13
EDLP 255Field Experience Seminar3
EDLP 401Internship On-the-Job Experience 18
EDLP 402Internship On-the-Job Experience 28
EDLP 403Internship On-the-Job Experience 38
EDLP 413Supplemental Internship Experience 36
Interns that require an additional semester may take the following classes (14 Units)
EDLP 404Internship On-the-Job Experience 48
EDLP 414Supplemental Internship Experience 46
Other Required coursework (15 Units)
EDLP 202ALegal Basis of Education 33
EDLP 203AFinancial Resources Planning and Allocation 33
EDLP 205ACurriculum and Instructional Leadership in K-12 Schools 23
EDLP 209AHuman Resources and Supervision 23
EDLP 250Education Research 13
Total Units68