Preliminary Administrative Services Internship Credential

Total units required for Credential: 68

Program Description

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies' Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program aims to develop P-12 educational leaders from diverse backgrounds who will positively impact P-12 educational settings. The program specifically focuses on cultivating leaders who promote learning, equity, social justice and achievement for all students.

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies seeks to prepare transformational leaders with the capacity to effectively facilitate and manage change.

Admission Requirements

  1. Completion of a baccalaureate degree at the time of application;
  2. GPA in the last 60 units of 2.5 or better;
  3. Completion, and successful review, of CSU Mentor and program Supplemental application;
  4. A minimum of 4 years teaching experience in a P-12 educational setting; and
  5. Successful interview with faculty, demonstrating:
    • Preparation for graduate level study
    • Leadership experience
    • Familiarity with current issues in education
    • Knowledge of conflict resolution and negotiation skills
    • Knowledge of P-12 education as a field
    • Entry level understanding of ethical leadership
    • Vision for P-12 education

Program Requirements

Required Courses (33 Units)
EDLP 200A 1
EDLP 201A 1
EDLP 255Field Experience Seminar3
EDLP 401Internship On-the-Job Experience 18
EDLP 402Internship On-the-Job Experience 28
EDLP 403Internship On-the-Job Experience 38
EDLP 413Supplemental Internship Experience 36
Interns that require an additional semester may take the following classes (14 Units)
EDLP 404Internship On-the-Job Experience 48
EDLP 414Supplemental Internship Experience 46
Other Required coursework (3 Units)
EDLP 202A 3
EDLP 203A 3
EDLP 205A 2
EDLP 209A 2
EDLP 250Education Research 13
Total Units50