Minor in LGBTQ Studies

Units required for Minor: 18

Program Description

The LGBTQ Studies minor provides students with competency in interdisciplinary scholarship related to the study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer lives and communities as well as to the study of gender and sexual structures. The minor familiarizes students with the theoretical and methodological tools used to study gender and sexuality from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of how non-normative sexualities and genders have been organized in previous historical moments and in different cultural and national contexts in the present. The minor equips students with awareness of sexual and gender diversity and how sexuality intersects with and informs other categories of identity and practice, such as race, class, ethnicity, age, and disability.

A minor in LGBTQ Studies prepares students for their pursuit of graduate and professional degrees. Given the increasing demand for nuance around issues of diversity in both the public and private sectors of the job market, this minor also positions Sacramento State graduates well for careers in education, social work, counseling, health care, social services, media, law and policy, and nonprofit advocacy.

Program Requirements1 

Required Core Courses (6 Units)
WGS 50Introduction to Gender & Sexuality3
WGS 150Introduction to Queer and Trans Studies3
Elective Courses (12-14 Units)
Select four from the following:12 - 14
Literatures Of Sexuality 2
LGBTQ Literature 2
History of Sexuality in Comparative Perspective
Queer Black Histories
Philosophy and Feminism
Gay and Lesbian Politics
Understanding Human Sexuality
Psychology of Human Sexuality
Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Sociology Of Sexuality
Working with LGBTQ+ Publics
Sex & Gender in South Asia
LGBTQ Histories
Total Units18-20