Minor in Korean Studies

Units required for Minor: 18, twelve of which must be in upper division

Program Description

The minor offers students a framework to explore Korea from an interdisciplinary perspective, examining its art, culture, history, philosophy, and politics. Students will be introduced to the broader region through two pan-Asia courses before selecting Korea-specific electives to fit their own interest. Study of the Korean language is highly encouraged.

Program Requirements

Course Requirements (6 Units)
ASIA 1Asia in the World Today ( 3 units)3
ASIA 111Asian Diaspora and Migration (3 units)3
Electives (12-18 Units)
Select four courses from the following:12 - 18
Art of Korea
History of Korea: Antiquity to Present
Contemporary Korean Culture
Korean Development and Behavior
Education and Communication in Korean Society
Beginning Tae Kwon Do
Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do
Elementary Korean 1A
Elementary Korean 1B
Intermediate Korean 2A
Intermediate Korean 2B
Language Proficiency
Language proficiency is not required for the minor; however, students are highly encouraged to study an Asian language.
Total Units18-24