Minor in Chinese

Total units required for Minor: 12 upper division units in Chinese selected with the approval of the Chinese language advisor

Program Description

Courses in Chinese encompass the study of Chinese language, literature, media, and culture. The primary emphasis is on Modern Standard Mandarin Chinese. Elementary Chinese courses (CHIN 1A through CHIN 1B) focus on reading, writing, and spoken Mandarin, based on Traditional Chinese characters. Upon completion of CHIN 2B, students will be able to converse at an elementary to intermediate level and to read and write Traditional and Simplified Chinese texts. The upper division courses form the nucleus for a minor and provide a foundation for advanced studies at other universities or graduate school. Upper division lecture courses taught in English are designed to help students appreciate the richness of Chinese culture, language, and literature in the tradition of general education.

An understanding of China, combined with proficiency in the Chinese language, will, in addition to the obvious academic and intellectual gains, make graduates more versatile and sought after in international business, education, social work, law enforcement, government, and Foreign Service positions.

Through language instruction, students will acquire the basic tools to communicate with the growing population of Chinese-speaking immigrants in California, to undertake travels in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asian countries where Chinese are a major ethnic group, and to pursue further studies in Chinese history, culture, and society.

Students interested in further advanced study in Chinese may design a Special Major in Chinese by consulting program faculty and spending one year undergoing intensive language study at a Mandarin Training Center in Taiwan, China, or Hong Kong. The Asian Studies Program also offers a major with a concentration in Chinese Studies.

Program Requirements

Select International Studies program or upper division units in Chinese9
CHIN 110Advanced Mandarin: Modern Chinese Fiction3
Total Units12

Note: The prerequisite lower division language acquisition will generally be done through coursework, though an equivalency exam is available for those students who feel they may already be at the upper division level.