Minor in Spanish

Units required for Minor: 15, 12 of which must be upper division courses
Minimum total units required for BA: 120

Program Description

A working knowledge of Spanish will enable students to communicate with one of America's rapidly growing minority groups, as well as to benefit extensively from travel to foreign countries. Most coursework lends itself to a practical acquisition of the necessary language skills for effective communication.

Coursework at the upper division and graduate level is equally distributed among four areas: linguistics, culture, Peninsular literature, and Hispanic American literature. Students with career plans in teaching, bilingual programs, translation and diplomatic services, as well as careers in public service requiring knowledge of Spanish, will find a balanced curriculum available at Sacramento State. The programs in Spanish also serve those students who plan on continuing their studies at the doctorate level by providing a thorough academic background in the language.

Students interested in Bilingual/Crosscultural programs should also contact the College of Education (916) 278-6840 for more details.

Many students find that the acquisition of skills in Spanish is a valuable adjunct to their career goals in other areas such as business administration, criminal justice, healthcare, international relations, political science, public administration.

Study Abroad Programs

Students having a 2.75 GPA average overall are eligible to apply for admission to the CSU International Programs in a Spanish-speaking country such as Chile, Mexico, or Spain for their junior or senior years or during graduate studies. Spanish skills must be sufficiently developed to permit satisfactory performance in a Spanish-language university; planning from the beginning of the freshman year is advisable. Programs are also available for beginning students in Spain and Mexico. For details, contact International Programs and Global Engagement and consult a member of the Spanish faculty about developing your language skills.

Minimum Grade Requirement

All Spanish minors must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses counted toward the minor.

Required Lower Division Courses

It is assumed that Spanish majors will have completed the equivalent of college level elementary and intermediate Spanish in high school, at a community college, or by completing SPAN 2B, SPAN 6B, or SPAN 8B at Sacramento State, prior to beginning SPAN 47. 

Program Requirements

SPAN 47Introduction to Composition and Grammar Review Must be taken before upper-division courses in Spanish3
12 units of upper-division courses from following:
SPAN 100Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature3
SPAN 103Advanced Spanish Grammar3
One course from the SPAN 150 series3
3 units of elective coursework from the following:3
Advanced Spanish Composition
Spanish For Professionals
Introduction to Spanish-English Translation and Interpreting
Advanced Spanish Conversation
Internship/Field Experience (May take one unit per term for total of 3 units)
Total Units15