Minor in Business Administration

Units required for the Minor: 24, all of which must be taken in Business Administration,* with the exception of the STAT 1 requirement.

Program Description

The College offers Minors in Business Administration, Knowledge Management Technology, Management of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Real Estate and Land Use Affairs, and Risk Management and Insurance. A Minor in Business Administration is valuable to the student majoring in another area who wishes to supplement his/her knowledge with a business background.

Note: The use of the words “business administration” throughout this section refers to courses designated as Accountancy (ACCY), Decision Sciences (DS), Entrepreneurship (ENTR), Finance (FIN), General Management (GM), Human Resources/Organizational Behavior (HROB), International Business (IBUS), Management (MGMT), Management Information Science (MIS), Marketing (MKTG).

Note: Minimum required GPA: 2.0 (“C”) in Business Administration courses with the minimum acceptable grade for any course being a "C-."

Note: At least nine upper division units must be taken in residence. Business Administration1 195 and 199 courses may not be applied to the minor.

Note: A student shall demonstrate computer literacy and competency (MIS 1, MIS 2, MIS 3) prior to taking 100-level courses except HROB 101. See csus.edu/cba/ubac/computerliteracychallengeexam for information about the Computer Literacy Challenge exams.

Program Requirements

ACCY 1Accounting Fundamentals3
ACCY 2Managerial Accounting3
HROB 101The Management of Contemporary Organizations3
MGMT 10Introduction to Business Law3
STAT 1Introduction to Statistics3
Select one of the following:3
Business Finance
Principles Of Marketing
Operations Management
Select two 100-level Business Administration courses 16
Total Units24

The student pursuing a minor in business administration is cautioned that other students enrolling in the class, majors in business administration, normally will have satisfactorily completed all prerequisites. To insure that no significant handicap is incurred where prerequisites are not met, the student should obtain explicit instructor permission in each course prior to enrolling. Currency policies outlined in the Business Major also apply to Business Minors.