Design Studies (DSGN)

How to Read Course Descriptions

DSGN 4.     Design and Thinking. 3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

An introduction to critical analysis of visual forms. This course introduces students to core principles of design by establishing and examining the framework around which visual forms are built and used in our society. Common ideas surrounding the logic of visual forms and the possibilities and limitations of their communicative range will be discussed.

DSGN 10.     Think Make. 4 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

The course explores the combined acts of thinking and making in the production of designed objects. Using a variety of media and approaches from multiple design professions, students engage in design as a lens of inquiry and exploration. Design Department Majors Only.

DSGN 20.     Design and Society Since 1780. 3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Identifies significant developments in the global history of design. Analyzes a series of socio-historical phenomena and systems of belief that underpin design movements. Examines urban planning, architecture, interiors, graphics, photographs, clothing, furniture and products through the lenses of technology, economics, consumerism, ethics, race, gender, class, labor, ecological impact, and cultural expression. Students develop critical thinking, research and writing skills through discussions, lectures, readings, videos, and essays.

DSGN 101.     World Design and Visual Culture. 3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall only

A history of western and non-western design with an emphasis on how design influences, and is in turn influenced by, cultural, political, economic, and technologic forces. The course will look at design practice (architecture, urbanism, products, graphics, etc.) through two distinct lenses: one focusing on visual and physical qualities, the other on how design effects the lives of the many diverse groups that interact with the products of this practice.

DSGN 196A.     Design Research Methods. 3 Units

Term Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

This course provides an overview of key concepts in design research methods. The course is primarily theoretical and process-focused with a practical base. Topics in the course include identifying design research questions, methods and tools to answer research questions, design research using multiple methods, data collection and analysis, ethical concerns in conducting research, and research communication. The course is open to undergraduate design majors.