Minor in Geography

Units required for Minor: 18

Program Description

Geography students at Sacramento State explore Earth’s natural and cultural environments using methods from the natural sciences and the social sciences. They study climate, weather, landforms, water resources, and plants and animals, as well as peoples, societies, economies, and cities. These phenomena overlap in intricate ways, giving rise to distinctive places and regions. Geography’s approach emphasizes Earth’s spatial relationships and patterns, and the processes that govern them, whether found in nature or in human behavior.

Program Requirements

Select two of the following lower division courses: 16
Physical Geography: The Distribution of Natural Phenomena
Cultural Geography
Introduction to Maps and Geographic Technologies
Select a minimum of 9 upper division Geography units, excluding the following: 19
Field Geography: Physical
Geography - Related Work Experience
Co-Curricular Activities
Special Problems
Select three additional units in Geography, either lower division or upper division 13
Total Units18