Minor in Music

Units required for the Minor: 20, including 9 units upper division.

Program Description

The fundamental purpose of the Sacramento State music curriculum is threefold:

  1. to promote excellence in all aspects of music performance and academic coursework,
  2. to provide basic preparation for careers in music, and
  3. to promote interest in all musical and artistic endeavors at the University and in the Sacramento community.

The main emphasis of the School of Music is upon performance. Sustaining this concept is the School's faculty, which remains committed to individual and ensemble performances as a means of enhancing the teaching quality of the institution and the cultural climate of the campus and community.

Students majoring and minoring in Music are not only expected to be technically proficient in the art but are required to have broad training in the liberal arts and sciences that are the core of the University's program.

Program Requirements

Theory (6 Units)
Select two or three courses from the following:6
MIDI Sequencing and Notation
Elements Of Music
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Musicianship I
History/Literature (9 Units)
Select three units from each group:9
Group 1
Music In World Cultures
World Music: Asia
World Music: Africa
World Music: Latin America
Group 2
Survey of Music Literature I
Survey of Music Literature II
Survey of Music Literature III
Music Appreciation
Group 3
American Popular Music: Jazz History
History of Rock Music
The American Musical Theater
American Society and Its Music
Beginning Musical Instruction (2 Units)
Select two units from the following:2
Basic Piano for Majors
Basic Piano for Majors
Basic Piano for Majors
Voice Class
Voice For Music Theater
Beginning Hand Drums
Beginning Shakuhachi
Beginning Folk Guitar
Applied Music for 2 units with departmental and area approval
Select one of the following:
MUSC 40 series course
Large Ensemble Experience (3 Units)
Select three units from the following:3
Any MUSC 142 - Music Ensemble: Large Performance Groups
Concert Attendance
Instrumental Jazz Ensemble
Pep Band
Total Units20

Students seeking supplementary authorization for single subject, standard secondary, and special secondary teaching credentials must register for one unit each of instrumental and vocal instruction in the beginning musical instruction section. Qualified students may audition for applied musical instruction as a substitution in this area.

Note: The last 3 units in performance must be taken at Sacramento State.