MS in Business Analytics

The Master of Science in Business Analytics prepares students to connect data and models to substantive business problems so effective business decisions can be made. The program focuses on using quantitative approaches to help improve decision making and performance in business. To better understand business situations, students focus on collecting and analyzing data, drawing on computer technology, statistics, applied mathematics, and machine learning techniques. The program covers database concepts, data visualization tools and techniques, statistical modeling, data mining, optimization, simulation, and their applications in business disciplines such as accounting, finance, human resources, insurance, management, and marketing.

Admission Requirements 

Four-year bachelor's degree or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.5 

  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Résumé 
  • Two letters of recommendation  
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts demonstrating satisfactory quantitative ability with 3.0 GPA and above for all quantitative courses including calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics. 
  • GRE or GMAT score - A minimum percentile of 30% for overall, verbal, and quantitative scores is required from those with less than 5 years of significant professional work experience.  Test scores are considered valid for 5 years from the test date. 
  • Foreign language test is required of all applicants who have earned their undergraduate degree from a country where the official language is not English. One of the following tests taken within the past two years are accepted: Official English Proficiency Score Report (Institution Code: 4671), TOEFL - Minimum of 80 iBT, IELTS - Minimum of 7.0 Band Score, PTE Academic Score - 65. 


Please see the CBA Web site for current admission deadlines: 

Application Procedures 

All prospective graduate students must file the following documents with both the CBA Graduate Business Advising Center (GBAC) and the Sacramento State Office of Graduate Studies (River Front Center, 215) as noted below: 

1.     To the College of Business Administration Graduate Business Advising Center, submit the following: 

  1. One (1) set of official transcripts1 
  2. Results from GMAT or GRE scores 
  3. Recommendation Form Waiver 
  4. Two (2) Recommendation Forms 
  5. Current Resume.

    Mail all of the above documents to the following address:

    Graduate Business Advising Center (GBAC)
    Tahoe Hall, 1037
    College of Business Administration
    CSU, Sacramento
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819-6088
    Phone: (916) 278-6772
    FAX: (916) 278-4233

2.     To the Sacramento State Office of Graduate Studies, submit the following: 

  1. Online CSU Graduate Application: (
  2. $70 Application Fee (paid on-line when you file your application). 
  3. Mail one (1) Set of Official Transcripts to the following address:

    Office of Graduate Studies
    River Front Center, Room 215, MS 6112
    CSU, Sacramento
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA  95819
    Phone: (916) 278-6470
    Website: (Visit How to Apply section for more information)

Please Note: Applications are not considered complete and will not be reviewed unless you complete all the steps as directed. You must submit official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities previously attended. Submission of official transcripts and test scores must be received no later than the application deadline. 

International Students 

International students will not be issued an F-1 student visa for this program as it is a completely online program.  You may apply but you will not be issued a student visa to come to the United States. All materials, inclusive of TOEFL scores, must be turned into the Office of Graduate Studies. To ensure consideration, international students should submit their material to the International Admissions Office one month prior to the above CBA application deadlines. 


The University requires a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper based), 80 (internet based), or 213 (computer based). 

To understand the guidelines for your country please go to Click on your country for detailed information. 

California State University, Sacramento interprets "where English was the principal language of instruction" to mean that a school is located in a country where English is the native language (the daily medium of communication of the majority of the residents is English), and that the student received academic instruction in all subjects (except foreign language courses) at all levels of education in English. 

Minimum Units and Grade Requirements for the Degree 

Total units required for MS/MSBA:  30 (excluding foundation courses)
Minimum Cumulative GPA:  3.0.  The minimum acceptable grade for any graduate business course is “C.” No more than two (2) courses with a grade of “C” will be counted for satisfaction of graduate program requirements. 

Advancement to Candidacy 

A student's program requirements are governed by the catalog in effect at the time one is accepted into and begins graduate school or by the catalog in effect at the time advancement to candidacy is approved. 

Prior to enrolling in Culminating Requirements, a student must advance to candidacy. Initiation of advancement procedures is the responsibility of the student. The application to advance must be filed no later than the semester prior to enrollment in culminating experience requirement. 

Eligibility to advance to candidacy requires satisfactory scholastic achievement, presentation of a plan of graduate study, and demonstration of writing proficiency. A classified graduate student in Business Administration may apply to the Graduate Business Advising Center (GBAC) for advancement to candidacy for the Master's degree after s/he has completed at least 12 units of the program requirements beyond the Foundation requirements. Students with a GPA deficiency or who have not fulfilled the Writing Placement for Graduate Students Requirement (GWAR) cannot advance to candidacy. 

The program consists of ten 3-unit courses. These courses are carefully chosen based on curriculum requirements for an excellent business analytics program, market demand, and available faculty expertise.


MSBA 201 Programming for Business Analytics 

MSBA 202 Data Management for Business Analytics

MSBA 203 Data Visualization and Communication for Business Analytics 

MSBA 204 Operations Analytics 

MSBA 205 Data Analytics for Business  

MSBA 206 Data Mining for Business   

MSBA 207 Machine Learning for Business 

MSBA 208 Capstone Project in Business Analytics 

ELECTIVES (6 units) 

MSBA 211 Marketing Analytics   

MSBA 212 Social Media Analytics  

MSBA 213 Financial Analytics

MSBA 214 Big Data Technologies for Business 


Semester 1 (Fall) MSBA 201, 202

Semester 2 (Spring) MSBA 203, 205

Semester 3 (Summer) MSBA 204, 206

Semester 4 (Fall) MSBA 207, Elective

Semester 5 (Spring) Elective, MSBA 208