Certificate Program in Criminal Justice Spanish

Total Units for Certificate: 17

The Certificate Program in Criminal Justice Spanish is designed to prepare students and professionals in the criminal justice and related fields to serve the needs of the growing Spanish-speaking population in California by being able to communicate with them.

Coursework in the Certificate Program in Criminal Justice Spanish lends itself to a practical acquisition of specialized terminology in Spanish used in criminal justice settings and Hispanic cultural competence.

For admission to the program, participants need to be in good academic standing and successful completion of three years of HS Spanish, which is equivalent to SPAN 2A, or instructor permission.

The program coordinator will review every student at the end of every academic term, and determine whether students are making sufficient progress to continue in the program.

Program Requirements
SPAN 8AIntermediate Spanish for Criminal Justice I4
SPAN 8BIntermediate Spanish for Criminal Justice II4
SPAN 195Internship/Field Experience 13
SPAN 121JSpanish Language For Criminal Justice Professionals3
SPAN 159JCultures of Spain and Latin America for the Professions in Criminal Justice3
Total Units17