Minor in Premodern Worlds

Total units required in the minor: 21, 6 in lower-division courses and 15 in upper-division courses

Program Description

The minor brings together a large number of courses that focus on premodern worlds’ history, archaeology, social developments, intellectual achievements, arts, and languages. By taking such courses, students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast premodern developments in different regions around the globe, nurturing a well-rounded globalist approach to understanding humanity’s past.

Program Requirements

Select two (2) from the following courses:
Introduction to Archaeology
Comparative Early Civilizations
Art, Religions, and Power before 1400
Traditional Asian Art
Survey of Early Western Civilization
History of African Civilizations
World History I: to 1500
World History I: to 1500
Arts and Ideas of the West: Ancient to Medieval
Arts and Ideas of Asia: Ancient to Medieval
History of Philosophy
History of the Theatre: Ancient to Renaissance
Total Units6
Elective Upper Division Courses 115
Select five (5) from the following courses:
Anthropology of Hunters and Gatherers
Prehistory of the Southwest
North American Prehistory
Origins of Agriculture
Old World Prehistory: Paleolithic Archaeology
World Prehistory and the Evolution of Modern Humanity
The Anthropocene: Human Impacts on Ancient Environments
The Evolution of Early Mesoamerican States
Ancient Technology
Peopling of North America
Art of the Ancient Mediterranean
Medieval Art
Renaissance Art
Introduction to Old English
Medieval Literature
Language and written culture in Ancient Greece
Language and written culture in Ancient Greece
Ancient Science
Everyday Life and Society in Antiquity
Ancient Egypt: History & Culture
The Ancient Near East: A Cultural History
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Early Medieval Europe
History of Medicine, Ancient and Medieval
History of Women in Western Civilization, Prehistory-Middle Ages
Warfare: Alexander to Napoleon
Medieval England To 1485
Medieval Russia
China: Antiquity to 1600 AD
The Culture of Classical Greece
The Culture of Classical Rome
Paganism in the Roman World
Classical Mythology
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament
Medieval Culture
World Mythology
Food, Farming, and the Sacred
The Classical Culture of China
Saints, Relics, and Miracles in Late Antique and Medieval Europe
History Of Ethics
History of Ancient Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Philosophies Of India
Political Thought I
Total Units15

Students must take at least one course from three different disciplines.