Capital Fellows Certificate in Applied Policy and Government

Units required for Certificate: 6

Program Description

Political Science, or Government, is devoted to study of the theory and practice of government and politics. The Political Science Department at Sacramento State offers courses in several fields of study, including: Political Theory; American Politics; Public Law; International Relations; Comparative Politics; and Public Policy. Over 70 courses cover all the major aspects of political science. Lower division courses satisfy General Education requirements and help to prepare students for advanced work.

Admission Requirements

Accepted to one of the four Capital Fellows Programs: Assembly, Judicial Administration, Executive, or Senate.

Program Requirements

Required Courses 6
Select the two courses applicable to your program
For Senate Fellows:
Senate Fellows Introductory Seminar
Senate Fellows Policy Seminar
For Assembly Fellows:
Assembly Fellows Introductory Seminar
Assembly Fellows Policy Seminar
For Executive Fellows:
Executive Fellows Introductory Seminar
Executive Fellows Policy Seminar
For Judicial Administration Fellows:
Judicial Administration Fellows Introductory Seminar
Judicial Administration Fellows Policy Seminar
Total Units6